Netflix Stream Team: Summer Means Musicals and Crafts

Most kids probably think their mum’s taste in music is light years apart from theirs, but they might actually be surprised. Are you one of the mums who is a closet ‘Belieber’, watching Never Say Never when the kids have been put to bed? We can keep a secret.

This month we’re celebrating music – in all shapes and forms! From sixties soul to seventies disco, the history of music is fascinating, and with such a wide range of genres there is always something new and exciting to discover on Netflix. Take this opportunity to share the golden era classics with them, and perhaps get more familiar with what they’re listening to these days as well.

Lets get down to the Musicals and Crafts bit…

Netflix All Stars Netflix Burlesque Netflix Justin Bieber Never Say Never Netflix The Fighting Temptations

I am a huge fan of musicals in theatres and via the TV too, kinda nice to just be able to snuggle up with your little one and sing and dance along to some awesome great hits within movie.
I totally loved Justin Biebers Never Say Never I watched it by total fluke once when I was pregnant with Hayden and pretty much loved every second, It made me see him in a different light – Shame he’s now grown up and seems to have completely changed but I guess they can’t stay little forever (as much as we would love that)

Of course I had to put an all time great into the mix – Sister Act. Don’t get me wrong I love both 1 & 2 but 2 is my favourite I LOVE Lauren Hills voice.

Burlesque is one of the more newish modern films starting Christina Aguleria.
Now, that girl has got a set of lungs on her – I can only dream of being able to belt out a note like her (of course I can when I’m watching, I sound just like her obviously). I love the way the film has taken a vintage act and made it modern by adding singing and dancing into the mix and into the 21st century.
I could watch this movie over and over and over! And yes you will love it so much that you run off to iTunes to download the soundtrack!

I think Summer times is great spent outdoors but if you don’t feel like going out then you can of course chill at home with a good musical. Watch this space while I introduce Hayden to the whole High School Musical trilogy, I wonder if he’s still a bit too young to understand. We’ll see! What musicals are you currently loving? 

If you’re really into putting on a show how about checking out this awesome craft idea.
No Sew Stage Curtain. 
So if you love Musicals and Crafts this is perfect for you!

Netflix Musicals and Crafts Netflix Musicals and Crafts

Head on over to Kelly Ladd Sanchez Craft Blog where she gives you a step by step guide on how you can make your very own. Happy Crafting!

Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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