Lollibop Kids Festival 2014

Lollibop Kids Festival 2014

We were kindly invited to the Lollibop Kids Festival on Saturday by the team at River Island – THANK YOU SO MUCH! They were one of the awesome sponsors for this years lollibop festival. Hayden was even sporting his River Island Kids outfit for the event too! The clothes are of amazing quality (nothing less for my little man) and we had so many people complimented him on his outfit.

 We traveled from London down to Hatfield House which is situated in Hertfordshire and it took us about an hour with a slight bit of traffic on the A1 I think it was but all in all the journey there was perfect and Hayden had his nap before he got there which was even more of a blessing.

We woke him up as we parked up and showed all the colours from where we were parked which was pretty far away as we got there at about 2pm. But the walk to the entrance wasn’t bad either plus NO CUES to get in! I had a little hiccup up with phone in the morning that’s why we got there so late.

Despite the time we got there, there was still so many people there, loads of things to do – all cues were mega long and Hayden didn’t not want to wait around at all – He just about waited to playing in the Little Tikes area.

Lollibop Kids Festival Lollibop Kids Festival

I couldn’t resist taking this photo of Hayden by the Tottenham Hotspurs sign, Rovi wasn’t best pleased – Hes a Man United supporter! I support whoever winning at the time … Best way really I think HAHA.

Lollibop Kids Festival

We even watched a show were I got up and got fully involved! We had to be superheros – Kind fitting with Hayden’s Superman tshirt from River Island.

Lollibop Kids Festival Lollibop Kids Festival

As the day drew closer to an end It was time to put on his jacket but the fun didn’t stop there! We picked at a super cool bubble machine and a Despicable Me Minion balloon that kept battering everyone – It got super windy and I couldn’t control it!

Lollibop Kids Festival

Lollibop Kids Festival Lollibop Kids Festival Lollibop Kids Festival

Overall we had a fantastic day – Seriously looking forward to next year. We will come prepared with the vlogging camera and a blanket for a picnic! If you’re considering it – DO IT! ts totally worth it.




Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. LOVE his outfit! We’ve got this top for both the boys 😉 Looks like you all had a lovely family day out babe! xxx