self-driving cars

Could Self-Driving Cars Be The Answer To Mobility Problems For Families?

self-driving cars

Though we’re surrounded by some truly incredible technology on a daily basis, Google’s recent announcement that it had developed the world’s first genuinely driverless car seems almost unbelievable futuristic. Could this be the first set of self-driving cars?

Part of a project that was begun in the early 2000s, those in the know expect driverless vehicles to be on our roads as soon as 2015. Though few have yet to experience a ride in a self-driving car, many people around the world are already pondering the possible uses for these cars of the future.

One of the biggest potential benefits of these incredible inventions could be helping families that struggle with limited mobility, making it easier for them to get out and about and lead independent lives.

How do they work?

Without a steering wheel, accelerator or brake, driverless cars are operated solely by computers, with sensors, GPS and lasers telling the vehicle where it needs to go.

Powered by an electric motor with a 100-mile range, you’ll be able to call Google’s electric cars using a smartphone or tablet computer. Once inside, you simply press the start button and off you go.

self-driving cars

Are Self-Driving Cars safe?

The first question that most parents will ask is whether or not driverless cars are safe to travel in.

As there are currently no driverless cars on the road, this is a tough question to answer. However, as the current driverless prototypes have a top speed of just 25 mph, and specially designed impact-absorbing foam and plastic windows, in theory they should be safe for both those travelling inside the vehicle and pedestrians and cyclists on the streets.

self-driving cars

Could they be the answer to mobility problems?

If you’ve got mobility problems yourself or have elderly parents who have trouble getting around, the advent of driverless vehicles could revolutionise your life.

Though some older people may not be as familiar with the technology used to call and control the cars, with a little bit of tuition they should find using these futuristic vehicles easy.

This means that, before long, you could order a car to collect your older relatives from their McCarthy and Stone development and have them dropped off at your home all without having to get behind the wheel. This is something that could make a real, and dramatic, difference to the quality of life of busy families and those with limited mobility.


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