Coping With Fussy Eaters

Coping With Fussy Eaters While Abroad

Coping With Fussy Eaters

If your child refuses to eat anything but bread and chocolate cereal, you might dread going abroad – after all there are only so many loaves and morning snacks you can pack into a bag. Travelling with a fussy eater is certainly a challenge, but don’t let that overshadow or spoil your holiday. Here are some tips to help you out with coping with fussy eaters.

Head to the buffet

With child-friendly holidays available from Tots Too and other companies it seems a shame to miss out on a vacation because of your little one’s fussy eating. While they might be used to a certain diet or routine the reality is they’ll probably eat if they’re hungry enough so stay patient and just keep trying. Instead of ordering one specific meal, however, why not head to the buffet and give them plenty of choice? A bread roll might do the trick or they might even eat something more adventurous.

Keep food plain and simple

One of the best parts about travelling is that you get to try an array of different foods. This might be great for you but if your youngster turns their nose up at anything new don’t force them to eat. Instead, keep their food as plain as possible and avoid ordering anything too exotic – be it garlic prawns in Spain or spicy sausage in Cyprus. Ordering off the kids menu could save you a bob or two especially if most of it ends up in the bin.

Stay positive

As hard as it is, try to maintain a positive relationship with food and encourage good eating habits. Tell your child or children how yummy something is and encourage them to eat certain things without being too forceful. Put a variety of food on their plate and keep tabs on what they’re trying – you never know, that village halloumi might go down a treat and leave everyone amazed. What’s more, don’t talk about how fussy they are. Just leave them to it and if their tummy is rumbling they should soon start to chomp.

Make meal times fun

If meal times are stressful your child won’t enjoy sitting down for food. So, instead of panicking stay upbeat and make each meal as enjoyable as possible. Even if you’re in a hotel restaurant there’s no reason why you can’t have a teddy bear’s picnic. A bit of psychology can work wonders with children so pretend to feed their favourite cuddly toys and you might find your youngster wants to join in.
Fussy eaters can give you a headache but don’t let it stop you from holidaying with the kids. You might actually find that the holiday helps to transform eating habits – many a child has been adventurous and tried something new just by watching parents eating different foods. Curiosity takes over, they ask for a taste of what is obviously so delicious, and you’ve taken a major step forward.

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  1. Great tips for me, given that Harry is THE fussiest eater on the planet! xxx

  2. Great tips and I agree as my youngest son was a terrible eater – my other three children have never had a problem!

  3. Great tips – the buffet is always a good option with kids!

  4. Great tips, my youngest was a great eater until he was two, now its hard finding something he will eat.