Horse Riding Saddle

Time You Got A New Hobby?

Horse Riding Saddle

Perhaps the kids have joined a club, or you’ve struck lucky and the grandparents have taken them off on holiday. Whatever is going on this summer, whether you’ve got an extra few hours a week to yourself or you’re just dreaming of a bit of a break while they’re off school, you should never fail to neglect your own hobbies. As a mother, it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking a backseat. But there’s no need for that to be the case, and you can lead your own life and still be a successful mum. Now, there are so many ideas out there, but also so many stereotypes. It’s hard to fit in enough ideas to keep everyone happy! But here are a few, to get you started…

Horse Riding

Now, if you live in a city, or you know, you weren’t one of ‘those girls’ in school, this can seem a little out of your reach, but honestly, why should it be? Learning to horse ride can be a lot of fun, and it’s never too late to give it a go. You can even get into character by dressing the part – the array of horsey-type stuff available on Country Clothing Direct should get you started. Once you’re suitably kitted up, throw yourself back on the horse, quite literally – or give it a go for the very first time. If all else fails, it’s bound to make you laugh!

Roller Derby

If you’re looking for a little bit of adventure but don’t fancy anything TOO extreme, roller derby could be for you. If you already know what this is, chances are, you think I’m being a bit mad right now. But Roller Derby is actually a lot of fun! Of course, it isn’t a sport that comes without some risks, so perhaps it’s not one you should do regularly if you’ve got really young ones to consider, or if you’re a single parent. But giving it a shot never (really) hurt anyone!

Roller Derby Skates


Don’t worry! You’re not exactly a coffin dodger just yet! Once the favourite pastime of grannies everywhere, it’s surprisingly becoming a ton of fun for younger generations, too. Bingo puts a spin on a traditional evening out, and you can even win some cash! If you’re a little ashamed of being seen out in public getting involved though, you can always do it from home. Bingo Find is a great site to start, as you can choose from a list of websites to play on, according to their benefits.

Stuff For A Rainy Day

Who says your hobby can’t make you a bit of money, hey? If you’re already good at a skill, such as design or writing, why not start doing a little bit of freelancing? You can also start a blog – for love, but also money if you want – or you can decide to vlog instead. For those not in the know, that’s video blogging! It’s a really great idea because it’s personal space but you can also involve the kids whenever you want, too, so it gives you all a little family project.

If you could choose ANY new hobby what would it be and why?


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