Summer Saftey

Summer Safety

Summer Saftey

Summertime truly is blissful, especially when you have children. But as the warm weather is now well and truly here, and we start to relax, we really can’t risk being all of a sudden complacent with our children’s health and safety. Of course, we shouldn’t turn paranoid – or scare the kids – but some simple checks never hurt anyone. So, what can you do to ensure Summer safety?

Playgrounds & Parks

Going to the playground is a staple part of being little. We can all fondly remember the days we spent playing there, and our kids ought not to be denied this simple pleasure, either. But we’ve all heard the horror stories. You know, the kids left to play by themselves who’ve fallen from the top of the slide, or the big kids who are just utterly cruel to the younger ones. The playground isn’t a cop out when it comes to care – you need to ensure you’re actively supervising the kids.

And, if there are any playground maintenance issues in privately ran parks, you need to tell the owners. There are some great, reliable companies out there who can fix any issues, such as HC Courts, so make sure you don’t ignore them – where kids are concerned, you really can’t afford to. If the area is a public though, they also have liability to you, and if they don’t upkeep the area, you could potentially have a claim if something goes wrong, according to Taylor Rose.

Pools and Beaches

Let’s face it – any large body of water is automatically a risk, and unfortunately this is just a fact of life. But swimming in a pool with friends, or seeing the ocean for the first time, are both activities that should be integral to childhood. The best way to arm yourself for the ultimate in protection is to prepare your child with swimming lessons. The Swimming Trust charity have provided a list of ways to Get Safe around water, and it really is worth a read. Plus, with added concerns over child health, swimming is both a beneficial sport and a lifesaving skill! If you do feel that

At Home

When you’re responsible for kids at home, you already understand that there is a duty of care entrusted to you, I’m not going to patronize you. But simple things – such as going to a friend’s home, or having a friend come around to play – can make things a little more complex. If your child is going round to a new pal’s house for the first time, you need to do a little sneaky sleuthing of your own. What are the parents like? Is their house dangerous? All of these things seem pretty obvious, but, at fear of seeming like that awful Katie Hopkins woman, people are often afraid or embarrassed to be seen to judge. When your kids are involved though, it pays to be cautious. When you’re in your own home, keep an eye on maintenance. If anything does need fixed or even rebuilt to allow a safer play space, sort it sooner rather than later, with a reliable local builder, such as Steve Gilbert.

What’s your summertime safety top tip? Would love to know.


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