Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Episode 1

Netflix Stream Team: #OITNB With Added Benefits

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Episode 1

Evening Guys!
‘Me time’ is not something us mothers hear a lot that’s a fact! But thanks to Netflix and a few sleepless nights (well worth it) I’ve been enjoying popcorn sweets and awesome TV shows & movies.

If you follow me on instagram, twitter and facebook you would have seen that I am now a very happy Netflix Stream Team member!
I was invited to join some of the Netflix PR team and a couple fellow bloggers who I have grown very fond of – Thank you Netflix! to a special preview of Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Episode 1! I hold my hands up – I had never seen the 1st season. But I jumped at the chance as there was a Q&A with 4 members of the cast – Danielle Brooks, Taylor Schilling, Jason Biggs (American Pie) & Laura Prepon.

Check out the video below of my night out with my lovely Stream Team members along with the cast of OITNB Q&A after watching S02E01. Gutted I didn’t ask any questions but having watched both seasons now I have so many I would have loved answered!

Bloggers featured in this video is
Laura from Life and Times of a Working Mum
Hayley from Sparkles and Strechmarkes

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If you had a question to ask to one of the cast about season 1 or 2 what would you ask? Would love to hear it.
If you are a hardcore fan like I am now why not get juice with a super lush Netflix & SPC: Orange Is The New Black Cocktail



Orange Chill
(makes 8 drinks, okay, maybe you want to share with a cou­ple of friends)

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
3 or 4 fresh mint leaves
1 x 12 oz (355 ml) frozen orange juice con­cen­trate, thawed
½ x 12 oz (355 ml) frozen lemon­ade con­cen­trate, thawed
1 oz (29 ml) rum
sparkling water or soda

In a small pot, place the water, sugar and mint leaves over heat. Give every­thing a stir and allow it to sim­mer until the sugar is com­pletely dis­solved. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Pluck the mint leaves out and dis­card. You’ve just made a sim­ple syrup, the begin­ning of many great cock­tails. Aren’t you fancy?

What else have I been watching since getting my Netflix box?

Netflix Buffy Netflix Confessions Of A Shopaholic Netflix PRETTY WOMAN

Who doesn’t love a good chick flick, a girly comedy about shopping 😉 and a blast from the past?
Will update you on my July shanaigans shortly! Keep your eyes peeled for that update!

Lotte xo

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  1. the orange chill sounds great

  2. Love the Orange Chill recipe! Will have to try out that one! Thanks!

  3. You like the classics too – Love Pretty Women

  4. Definitely trying that Orange Chill recipe! Might leave out the rum though seeing as though I’m just over 6 months pregnant! 😉 xx

  5. I love Netflix and couldn’t be without it now. Will be trying out your orange chill recipe when I get a chance 🙂

  6. Orange Chill sounds tasty, good for a girlie night along with Pretty Woman, love that film x

  7. ooooooh pretty woman, must have seen it hundreds of times, may need to see it again soon – been too long!