In Search of Snow: Head to Lapland


The region of Lapland technically encompasses Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. However, travellers originating from the UK mostly head to Norway, Sweden and Finland, for proximity reasons. With some of the most mind-blowing landscapes you’ll ever see, the snow worshippers should definitely consider taking holidays to Lapland.
Here are just some of the perks of a trip to Lapland:

Dropping by Santa’s place
Ho, ho ho! It wouldn’t be a holiday to Lapland without a visit to Father Christmas. The old man with the white beard reportedly lives in the region — with his elves — so, naturally, you’ll want to say hello. While you’re in the region you can not only meet Mr. Claus, but also find out how he’s preparing for Christmas.

Northern Lights
One of the most spectacular of the world’s natural phenomena are the aurora borealis, or northern lights. The natural light display, which occurs due to a combination of solar wind, charged particles and high altitude, is commonly seen in high latitude regions such as the Arctic. The odds you’ll see the dancing lights in the Lapland skies are good, as they’re visible every other night on average.


Lapland offers a chance to truly experience winter. We may or may not get snow in the UK but in Lapland you can guarantee it. The kids can make a snowman and go sledging or, if you’re looking for something more, hire out skis or a snowboard. There are a number of fantastic ski resorts around, including Ruka and Ylläs.

The great outdoors
However, Lapland isn’t just for winter travellers. If you’re considering a summer holiday to the region, trade those skis in for some hiking boots and visit some of the many lakes and forests in the region. You may also want to try a bit of Nordic walking, a popular exercise method of the locals. An added bonus? You can walk all night in the glow of the ‘midnight sun!’

With fantastic natural beauty from the ground to the sky, it’d be hard to look past Lapland for a holiday this year.

Images by Steve K and edweert, used under Creative Commons licence.


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