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We were given the opportunity to review some Quorn goodies, I managed to pick up 3 packets – Meat Free Chicken Pieces, Meat Free Sausages and Meat Free Bacon Rashers.
Now if you know me you’ll know I LOVE MEAT! Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Beef – you name it I’ll eat it.
I never thought I’d eat meat free anything let alone really like it. I chose these three as they were the only selection at my local Asda at the time. After having a look at the Quorn website I noticed a much wider selection and I’m really excited to try more of their range to see if I like it.

First Impressions:
– Frozen so lasts longer
–  Bright packaging
– Cooked texture is nice and soft
– Healthy food and fast cooking times = Perfect!


Quorn is a great tasting range, perfect for if you’re trying to eat healthier as part of an active lifestyle, watching your weight, or if you want some meat free meal inspiration. Plus products like Quorn Mince are a great source of protein, that still allows you to enjoy all of your favourite meals.
I’ve been getting creative with my food lately – I was kind of like ‘Can’t cook, won’t cook’ but now I have a new found confidence in the kitchen. I wanted my food reviews to be fun so check out my photos down below.
I will also be posting separate blog posts of the meal recipes if anyone is interested – I’m not a professional chef ha-ha but I will give as much detail as possible and trust me… they wont be complicated.

Meat Free Chicken Pieces
Quorn Meat Free Chicken PiecesQuorn 1 Quorn Meat Free Chicken Pieces 1

Meat Free Sausages
Meat Free Sausages Meat Free Sausages 1 Meat Free Sausages 2

Meat Free Bacon Rashers
Meat Free BaconMeat Free Bacon 2Meat Free Bacon 3

Price: Range of £1 -£3
My thoughts: 
I was a bit anxious at first as I don’t actually like trying new things! Freaks me out. It was pretty much the first time I’ve read into the Healthy Protein Brand Quorn.
Surprisingly I really enjoyed the sausages and the chicken – they were really soft and tender to chew, kinds melts in your mouth. Brilliant if your little ones are lazy chewers! You cant really tell you’re eating anything different then meat.
I am usually really fond of bacon – I can eat it till the pigs cows come home! But I’m sorry I knew I wasn’t eating bacon, It tasted completely different but still tasted and smelt nice! Just didn’t taste like bacon. I know it says bacon style slices on the box and not bacon but still kind of got my hopes up due to the other two tasting so lush!
Overall I’m impressed with the items I picked up – I will be trying out a few more especially the BBQ bits as my dad is a huge fan of the Quorn meals I’ve made – I think we have a convert. Its such a shame Hayden couldn’t test them out also but due to the egg and wheat he couldn’t. Hopefully he grows out of his allergies so he gets the opportunity to taste them too.
Have you ever tried Quorn? What are your thoughts?
Where to find Quorn
Disclosure: We were given this product as a gift. 
All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. 

Lotte xo
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  1. I love quorn i do meat free mondays now but am trying in general to stop eating meat xxx

  2. Alex Bump to Baby

    As you probably know, I’m a vegetarian and so is my Husband and Ethan (until he’s old enough to decide for himself) and we absolutely ADORE Quorn. It’s an amazing alternative. I totally agree with you about the ‘bacon’ though, it’s not great. But everything else we eat all of the time and really enjoy! x