Kids Photography Tips

10 Tips to Make Your Kids Laugh While Taking Photos

Kids Photography Tips

A lot of people say that the best laughs are those that are given by kids and this is one of the main reasons why taking their photo can be such a joyous task. When your kids are small, they tend to be open and quite unfettered by ideas and self-consciousness about how they ought to look. This is exactly why taking their photos becomes such an easy task as you are provided with the opportunity to capture a wonderful variety of candid emotions over their cute little faces.

However, taking photos cannot always be a simple and fun task as making your kids laugh at that very moment can be a tough job. Here are 10 tips that will help you make your kids laugh while taking photos.

1. Make them Comfortable

Kids can never act natural when they know they are expected to behave in a particular way. Unless you make them feel comfortable, the only photos you are going to get are the ones where your kids are all stiff and trying to fake a smile.

2. Become a Child

This may sound a tad bit weird but you have to become one of them in order to get those genuine laughs out. Your kids tend to look at you like an authority figure and will always look for your approval. Get down to their level and find out what makes them smile.

3. Avoid Giving Up on Them

There are times when parents get rather frustrated with their attempts to make the kids laugh for a photo. This is never a good thing. Remember to keep trying until you have accomplished your task and try to make the process fun for both you and the kids.

4. Warming Up

One of the crucial points to keep in mind while photographing your kids is that you should never start cold. Keep the camera close by but avoid taking too many photos. Start by taking one or two clicks at random and analyse how your kids are reacting to it. When you think they are ready, start clicking.

5. The Mirror Game

Kids are always ready for mimicking whatever the adults are doing. Most of the times, kids like doing exactly what the adult is doing and this can help you make them laugh rather easily. All you have to do is make funny faces and when the kids try to mimic you, they will naturally start laughing.

6. Get Involved

While taking a photo, try to get involved in the process. Tickle them, make bunny ears or talk in a funny voice. Use the self-timer to capture your happy moments with your kids. This way, you will be making them laugh and get yourself photographed with them at the same time.

7. Try Different Poses

You can always try different and new poses with your kids instead of focusing on the conventional ones. Avoid making them stand in a particular pose that you believe important and just focus on what they have to say through their movements. When you make the same poses as them, they are bound to laugh.

8. Fart Noises

Now, you may think that fart noises are rather immature and stupid but your kids certainly do not. For them, fart noises are the classic joke that they simply cannot avoid laughing on every single time.

9. Lion Roars

Ask your kids to roar like a lion and when they do, tell them that it sounded like some other smaller animal. Get into the competition and they will eventually start laughing as you roar together.

10. Ice Cream Treats

Ice cream has the power to bribe any kid into laughing. Tell your kids that you will be treating them to an ice cream afterwards and watch them give you some genuine laughs for your camera.
Taking photos of your kids is always a fun task and it could even better when you have scores of ideas to choose from like the Lightrepublic Babies Gallery.


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  1. Some helpful tips, I would love to be able to make my son stay still to be able to take pictures of him lol. X

  2. Alex {Bump to Baby}

    Great tips, especially the fart noises tip haha 😉 I’ll give these a try! x

  3. Great tips hun. He is adorable! I use the bribery of the ice cream treats on the girls, works wonders 🙂 x

  4. These are great tips! Both my girls hate the camera at the moment and pull silly faces, so I have to do ‘natural’ shots. 😉