PG Tips: New Green Tea and Herbal Infusion Tea Review


We were kindly asked to review the BRAND NEW fruit and herbal infusion tea’s from PG Tips. As you all know I love my hot drinks especially coffee… But I am actually moving on over from the darkside and loving herbal tea’s a lot more.
I’m trying a new healthy me tip at the moment (lets see how long that lasts) forever I hope.
It was an absolute pleasure reviewing these teas.

First Impression:
– Bright packaging that stands out (Easy to find in a cupboard full of tea boxes)
– A cup bursting with flavor
– Really impressed with the ‘Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla’ I hate Vanilla but I couldn’t taste it. Its now my favorite tea EVER!

Here at PG tips we’ve created a fantastic new range of fruit and herbal infusions with a big taste that will not disappoint. We’ve packed our tea bags with the rich flavoursome ingredients of Delicate Camomile, Fresh Peppermint, Juicy Red Berries, Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla and Aromatic Spices and Mint. Thanks to our famous pyramid bags the blend has more room to infuse to give you that tasty PG pleasure you love in every cup. Each box contains 20 cuppas.



Box of 20 tea bags from Asda for £1

Like I said previously I love hot drinks. Growing up tea is something we would have all the time, black tea (can’t drink dairy milk & have only just started drinking soya) herbal tea, warm Vimtoe, or even wild bush tea straight from your garden in Barbados (yep this really happened’s, and its soooo good for your insides). You name it we’ve had it.

I don’t know what is it about living in England we always have to put the kettle on whenever something happens. Lately I’ve been putting the kettle on when I’m hungry… weird or maybe just lazy!

We got to test out Green Tea Zesty Lemon, Aromatic Spices & Mint and Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla. Its been about 3 weeks drinking them now and I’m in LOVE! Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla is my favorite hot drink of all time and the zesty Lemon is so refreshing but not tangy… more smooth just like the red bush. I’m really surprised with that as most lemony drinks are tangy which I’m not a fan of – I love sweet things. I also only need to put 1 sugar in the cup as the flavor is really powerful already.

If you’re after fun herbal teas try the new PG Tips range.

Where to find PG Tips
PG Tips Website

Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purpose of a
review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my


Lotte xo

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  1. Your teapot looks awesome!

  2. will try sometime in the future

  3. It looks amazing

  4. I’m not one for fancy tea (that’s what I like to call it) haha, but I think I need to try some more!! Xx

  5. we love the spices and mint one in our house

  6. I’m not really a fan of Herbal Tea but they do sound quite nice

  7. I don’t like herbal tea but I love your Teapot!

  8. Nice tea

  9. I have been drinking the lemon and green tea version and there soo refreshing!

  10. rebecca nisbet

    never tried this, might have to give it a go

  11. fruit teas are a bit hit & miss with me but ive never tried the pg tips ones. ill have to try them out!

  12. Emily Carter-Dunn

    No matter how I try, I cannot stomach herbal tea! I’ve only just aquired a taste for normal tea, so I think I may have to leave it a few years and try again.

  13. Sometimes in summer I will have a lemon tea buts that’s has adventurous has I get x

  14. Michelle Clarke

    Love the tea pot

  15. Jennifer Rhymer

    I would really love to try Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla, will look out for it next time I’m shopping!

  16. Not usually a fan of green tea but have received some samples to try too. The zingy lemon is great but only downside is they are green tea & flavouring rather than actualy lemon zest etc. But still great taste and value.