Morrisons Bank Holiday Shopping

#MorrisonsMum Cheaper Bank Holiday Supermarket Shopping Challenge

Hey Guys,
I have signed up Brit Mums Professional and recently got invited along with several other mums and dads to join the #MorrisonsMum Challenge for the first Bank Holiday in May. Super excited jumped to the chance.
We had had to take a trip to our local Morrisons store with £80 in vouchers to spend on a bank holiday shop.

I am going to be 100% honest with you, we don’t normally shop in Morrisons. I think I have done maybe twice … I found that there stuff was a lot more expensive then Sainsburys and Asda was a lot more cheaper then both not to mention I love their Free From isle.

I wanted to film this experience so that you could see what we saw around the store so I hope you like the video.
Below the video is a few photos of the day and a couple meals we prepared with the items brought from the shop.

We combined our bank holiday shop with our weekly shop.
On average our full weekly shop (4 adults & a toddler) comes to around £80-£110 depending on where we shop.
Our Morrisons shop came to £174 baring in mind we had £80 worth of vouchers and we bought extra items for the bank holiday. So our spend was within what we would normally (maybe even cheaper) spend in Asda and defiantly a hell of a lot less then what we would spend Sainsburys and Tesco.

Multisave: £10.03

We paid a £1 for parking which we got back from Morrisons, all we had to do was present them with our parking ticket. I also got 6p off every litre of fuel – Not any use to me because there are no Morrisons petrol stations anywhere near me *covers eyes*
The staff were friendly obvisoly I didnt know where anything was so I asked a lot of questions (I’m lazy) and they were all extremely helpful – THANK YOU!

The cashier was so sweet also she was like ‘Oh I’ve never seen you shop here before’ ahahah bless her. Don’t worry Shaba we will be back 🙂

P1120174 P1120175 P1120176 P1120181 P1120183

The offer on the fruits were perfect, I’m on a healthy streak – Well I’m trying my hardest so these were perfect … great for juicing as well. Hayden loves fruits also so the more the merrier in our house.

P1120188 P1120189

The meat my mum was searching for in the video is called oxtail and we made a Caribbean dish called Oxtail stew out of it. It was my first attempt at making it and it was Super easy. In the coming weeks I will post a recipe on how to make it… It really is lush!

P1120239 P1120243

There wasn’t a BBQ outside for us unfortunately as we’re having the conservatory renovated and the garden also but I still put together some home made burgers using the 3 for £10 Mince. I only used 1 packet which made 5 burgers and the burgers are pretty thick. Everything on this plate is from Morrisons.


Homemade bugers P1120260

Thanks Morrisons, you will be seeing us later!



Where do you like to do your weekly/Monthly shop?


Lotte xo

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  1. Fab post sweetie. We used to shop at Morrisons a lot as it was down the road. Now we shop at Asda as they deliver. We honestly don’t notice that much of a price difference between Morrisons and Asda but I do love the Little Angels nappies so I guess that sways it a little for us. xx

  2. I love Morrisons and also shop there!

  3. We shop at Morrisons and I really like it. They always have all of the ingredients we need, their offers are great and I think their bread and meat is excellent, better than the other main supermarkets. Thank you for your kind comments on my site!

  4. Im a huge Aldi fan but for the things I cant pick up there or dont want to jump in the car and drive 4 miles away I pop to Morrisons 😀 In fact there are a few item I will only buy from there 😀

  5. We shop at Morrisons only very occasionally, not because we don’t like it or anything, it’s just so much further away than Tesco and Asda x

  6. I stopped doing a big shop as I found we there was too much food waste and we spent way too much, I do a small weekly shop in Lidl as I can walk there from my house

  7. i dont mind morrisons, but we tend to buy basic stuff there, i hope they can keep prices down for long

  8. Tracy Sinclair

    I shop at Tesco, but only because its the nearest to me. My son shops at Morrisons and he really loves it, says he gets some real good bargains.

  9. Love morrisons and their kids clothes are fab x

  10. Morrisons has some great deals.

  11. Theresa Thomas

    I normally go to Tesco, but might give Morrisons a try

  12. I shop online as I am disabled so I mostly shop with Asda as they deliver to my area.

  13. I usually shop at Tesco’s but I do like the fruit in Morrisons.