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Mauritius for Londoners

Mauritius daytime
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You can’t get a bigger contrast than the small island of Mauritius and the UK, which is probably why so many British tourists visit the island that’s situated in the Indian Ocean. The contrast between the small island nation and the UK is best felt if you live in a busy metropolis like London. But its appeal isn’t in its contrasting nature.


Multicultural Londoners will feel at home in Mauritius. There are just 1.2 million inhabitants who cover a wide breadth of different cultures and denominations. Most Mauritians are multilingual with English being among the most spoken language, along with French, Creole and some Asian languages. This culture makes Mauritius a world in one island which ultimately means that there are lots of different attractions.


This is probably the tourist attraction that best represents the island’s rich colonial history. Eureka is a perfectly preserved Creole mansion which was built in the 19th century. Today, it’s a museum that provides an unbelievable insight into the island’s vibrant plantation past.

Mauritius evening time
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Beach and pool holiday

If you’ve already booked your flights to Mauritius, you probably can’t wait to get your family onto the plane, but what are you going to do when you get there? Your first impression will be dominated by the island’s natural beauty including the sandy white beaches and the cobalt-blue sea. If you’ve booked into a luxury hotel, you might find yourself spending the holiday relaxing on the beach or by the pool, but don’t miss out on some of the attractions.

Tourist attractions

There are lots of historic sights to see thanks to the islands cultural diversity. It’s also geographically varied so there are an abundance of panoramic views to take photos of and a wide range of mountain ranges for you and your family to either climb or admire from below. Although there’s nothing like that in London, most Londoners will enjoy the change of scenery.

Nature and wildlife

Mauritius is home to La Vanille zoo. You probably won’t see so many giant tortoises anywhere else in the world and the zoo is also famous for its massive display of creepy-crawlies in the insectarium. When you’re done walking around the place with the kids, why not visit the on-site Hungry Crocodile Restaurant, where everything’s croc-themed? You’ll probably be eating a croc curry or enjoying a croc burger.


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