Clearing Loads of Hoarded Goods

How Hoarding Can Affect Your Health

Clearing Loads of Hoarded Goods

You don’t have to be a compulsive hoarder to understand the strain that comes with letting go of long-loved or seemingly necessary household items. Your reasons for keeping them in possession are vast and indeed multifaceted beyond anyone else’s understanding. Perhaps you decided to keep all your unused office utensils in case you’re running low at work. Perhaps you feel a sentimental attachment to every cereal box your child has ever eaten from. Or perhaps you feel at peace when you have access to every disposable water bottle you’ve bought since you moved in. The point is you will always find a reason to keep these items, yet how often does this reason ever present itself?

Concentration and Productivity

Let us run with the possibility that the desire to maintain ownership of everything from your past is preventing you from thinking practically. Let us therefore assume that hoarding is not necessarily a result of bad health, but rather a producer of bad health. How exactly is this so? Well, as basic as this might sound, a person’s concentration levels are very reliant on the space the person is in. Someone with a lot on their mind doesn’t want to step into a crowded space when they get home; the very reason they rushed home was to get away from all the fuss and distractions that inhabit the city from dusk till dawn.

Your mind needs to wind down, and this remains impossible in a space that reflects your current mental state. If your clutter consists of important material – for example, work documents, camera equipment, music stands, car pieces, etc. – you might try storing it at another location. Investing in something like a self-storage unit would be beneficial for both your concentration and the preservation of your friendship with whomever you were going to ask to mind your stuff – for more information on prices, check out providers such as Fort Knox.

Phase Takeout

Another thing that is difficult to maintain when hoarding is your physical health. While refusing to let anything go to waste has its perks (environmental and so on), it can often create more limits than it does solutions. For instance, you might notice that your house is beginning to downgrade in size. Your kitchen is not as spacious as it used to be. There’s an impressive line of noodle boxes between you and the sink, the fridge is overflowing with empty beer bottles, and you can only pull out a draw half way before it hits a stack of canned tuna.

You decide, since you can’t use the kitchen anymore, that you’ll order takeout instead. Takeout quickly becomes the only way to eat. It’s cheap and the server always gives you more fries than you need or asked for, but as they’re there you decide may as well pursue them. The boxes come in handy later, so you pile them away for a future occasion. Pretty soon you gain weight from all the excessively fried food, and on top of which your stomach has expanded, so you can’t eat any less without feeling dissatisfied. What was once a harmless, winning situation is now a force to be reckoned with; it’s you verses the clutter.

Essentially, hoarding becomes an issue when it starts interfering with your life at hand. The above story is an extreme example of this, but one worth referring back to when you realise you need mountain gear to safely reach the other side of your living room. Storing and disposing, while unsentimental and boringly reasonable, is a key player in restoring your ph


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  1. My husband is a total hoarder & it seems to be clothes with him. He just can’t bear to throw anything away, however i convinced him that we need to make space for our impending new arrival and we managed to throw/charity shop two huge bin bags this weekend. My health is suffering however as i’m allergic to dust & now my chest is really bad from all the tidying 🙁

  2. Think I’ll be showing this one to the mother in law, although my guilty secret is hoarding books, just not enough bookshelves!!

  3. When you live in a one bed flat there’s no way you could hoard! I hate clutter

  4. I have moderate hoarding tendancies and drive my husband and by washing out recycling and keeping it ‘just in case!’ I’d hate for it to get out of control.

  5. My partner is a terrible hoarder of magazine subscriptions, where you can collect the motorbikes, trains etc…Our built in cupboard is full of them and I don’t think he has read one!!

  6. Hazel Christopher

    I have to admit I can tend to be a bit of a hoarder but I have got much better over the years at “letting go” of things.

  7. I think it’s hard for people to set limits – everything might be useful!

  8. Kerry Lethbridge

    Reminds me of my uncle. Hoarding is so sad and people don’t realize how serious it is

  9. My hubby is always bringing home other peoples junk he hates to see anything thrown away

  10. I can’t bear clutter it is my pet hate. No chance that I will ever be a hoarder.

  11. Oh dear!

  12. i find it so hard to let go of things but i wouldnt say i hoard. there is a man who lives across the street from us who is a proper hoarder though. its sad 🙁

  13. awful! I haven’t got much room but I would never be a hoarder

  14. my husband hoards books and I am sure it is just book snobbery!


    I am in the process of clearing out my clutter now – where does it all come from ? lol

  16. I have just de-cluttered my 18 year’s bedroom and have discovered she is a total hoarder, she has all the books she and in P1 and upwards

  17. I wish I had kept some of my clutter. I watch all those antiques programmes on tv and know that over the years I’ve thrown away lots of valuable stuff.

  18. I am not a hoarder but I would love to clear a hoarders house!

  19. I’m a little guilty of hoarding, I have been making an effort to let some things go recently

  20. Jennifer Rhymer

    I didn’t think I was a hoarder until we moved house & the amount of stuff I threw out was astonishing!

  21. The hardest things to dispose of are always those that remind you of your childhood. Such as that teddy that slept with you every night or your favourite bedtime story book. However, is it really doing any good kept in the loft for years when another child could be enjoying it? Hmm… 🙂

  22. Good post! I’m trying to reduce hoarding, but it’s hard!

  23. I must be honest, I am not a hoarder, apart from sentimental items to do with the children 🙂

  24. I used to hoard EVERYTHING but when I moved home over a year ago it forced me to throw out lots of stuff that I kept and didn’t need/use, so I’ve never had much if a problem with it since, in fact I think I throw/donate to charity most of the time now lol xx

  25. I have visited some clients with issues of hoarding – it is a very difficult thing to manage.

  26. hoarding seems alot worse than it use to be, maybe because people feel like they need to save their money now by recycling

  27. My ex-husband was really bad he even kept an old electric tin opener just in case someone wanted to repair it.

  28. Hoarding is something I have never really done because I don’t like all the mess! x

  29. My bedroom is getting a bit cluttered but I like to have a sort out every now and again.

  30. I think it’s easy to fall into. Nothing like a good sort out though.

  31. Oh my goodness can’t imagine hoarding like that :-O

  32. I am hiding this from my husband. I am a hoarder and this would be the ammunition he needs. I’m not that bad though

  33. i love a good clean out and having a car boot sale

  34. I’m a bit of a hoarder. I manage to keep it to the small bedroom though. When it starts happening in other rooms of the house I would definitely do something about it.

  35. i just finished reading a book by a woman who grew up with hoarding was very interesting and an extreme case; it must be awful.

  36. Pam Francis Gregory

    My mums next door neighbour is a hoarder. His garden looks like a scrappers yard!

  37. Moving house is the best solution to hoarding – the last thing you want to do is move any more stuff than you need to! seriously though, its like a compulsion for some people – they really can’t help it.

  38. The only things I can’t bear to get rid of is anything the children have made/drawn! I always feel guilty throwing out or giving away, presents that have been brought for us, but our house at one point was starting to resemble a junk shop, so we had to be brutal, I say Thank Heavens for a loft and Garage!! 🙂

  39. hoarding is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine….but i am getting better haha x

  40. Our house is full of clutter. I need some time off work to clear it all!