Tarzan Giveaway Pack

Fun and Games With The New Tarzan Movie 2014

Pssst, have you guys heard about the new Tarzan movie 2014?
I bet you have – doesn’t the trailer look AMAZING?! With the release of the new movie we have some fun activity sheets at the bottom of the post and an awesome competition for my lovely readers. If by an off chance you haven’t seen the trailer check it out below.

Tarzan 2014
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ TARZAN, one of the most classic and revered stories of all time, returns to the big screen, completely reimagined and in stunning 3D, for a new generation.

On an expedition in the remote African jungle, John Greystoke and his wife are killed in a helicopter crash while investigating a mysterious meteorite site. Only their young son J.J., who calls himself Tarzan, survives. A Gorilla discovers the boy in the wreckage and brings him up as one of her own. Quickly discovering the rules of the jungle Tarzan lives as one with the apes he now calls his family. It is not until he comes into contact with another human being, the courageous and beautiful young Jane Porter, that he starts to question his past and uncover the truth of his childhood. Tarzan and Jane come together and fight to save the jungle from Greystoke Energies new CEO William Clayton, who plans to destroy the land in his search for a new energy source. However when Clayton discovers that the true heir of Greystoke is still alive it is not just the jungle that is in danger.


What on offer to win I hear you say!

– An official Tarzan t-shirt, and backpack
– A pen that wouldn’t look out of place in the jungle
– An official Tarzan water bottle
– A Bug Inspector
– A Grow Your Own Tree Set

Tarzan Giveaway Pack

Competition Rules – The more points earned the better your chance of winning. Please check the full T&Cs at the bottom of the rafflecopter application, this giveaway is open to the UK ONLY and ends 15th May 2014 at 12:30pm

Giveaway Time
To be in with a chance of winning you very own Tarzan Movie giftset all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter entries below. The more you complete the better chances you have in winning.


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Here are some pretty AWESOME! FREE printable for the little ones!
Tarzan Movie Activity Colouring Sheet Tarzan Movie Activity Spot Difference Tarzan Movie Activity Word Search


Lotte xo

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  1. Alison Thompson

    My favourite would have to be a tiger.

  2. Mine’s a tiger 🙂

  3. we love gorillas & Monkeys, the way they look after there babies is so cute.

  4. Lynsey Buchanan


  5. Mines a Monkey! x

    Chloe @ bethbear2011.blogspot.co.uk

  6. sloth

  7. Silverback


  9. an elephant

  10. laura jayne bates

    tiger king of the jungle

  11. snake

  12. monkeys

  13. tiger x

  14. My fave is a tiger x

  15. melanie stirling


  16. Rat!

  17. definately a tiger they are so beautiful

  18. michelle banks

    Has to be the king of the jungle, the Lion x

  19. tiger x

  20. All the apes

  21. Laura Pritchard

    Sloths – they’ve got it made!

  22. olga carpentrer

    mines a lion

  23. Joanne Stewart

    Got to be a chimpanzee up in the trees x

  24. black panther

  25. A lion

  26. Tressa Herriott


  27. i like monkeys xx

  28. Got to be a tiger – stunningly beautiful!

  29. I love marmosets. They are just the cutest little monkeys

  30. Monkeys – I wouldn’t mind swinging through the trees one afternoon!!!!

  31. a tiger love the growl and power

  32. Mine is tiger X

  33. Gorillas are my favourites but on the down side they remind me of my Mother-in-law!

  34. tiger

  35. Caroline Blaza


  36. katie Kathurima


  37. My favourite is Gorillas

  38. orangutan

  39. suzzee langton


  40. I love tigers however I wouldn’t want to come across one x x

  41. mines a monkey but my daughters is an elephant 🙂

  42. Lions are my favourite jungle animal

  43. sloths

  44. the tiger as i loves cats

  45. Giraffe

  46. a leopard

  47. Spencer Broadley

    If you class Cheetah as jungle then thats my favourite

  48. I guess it would be a lion – very majestic and strong

  49. Orang utan

  50. At the moment I love our baby Jack Russell. Would like to change his name though, Lucky is a rubbish name.

  51. Michelle Ferguson


  52. jackie chapman


  53. debbie jackson

    monkeys… considering I already have 2 of them at home, I think we would get on well 🙂

  54. Monkey

  55. Black and White Ruffed Lemurs 🙂

  56. Spider monkeys

  57. eye eye monkey my son loves them

  58. I love an Orangutan

  59. I love Tigers

  60. samantha price

    has to be a tiger

  61. Rebecca Gransden



    mine would have to be a lion, amazing animals

  63. An elephant

  64. Love the little ones so the Leaf-Cutter Ant from the Amazon is so cool.

  65. Pam Francis Gregory

    Got to be the chimps

  66. Zebra

  67. Tiger, Tiger burning bright

  68. Monkeys 🙂

  69. Mine is a Zebra 🙂

  70. murite jungle animal is tarantula spider nice and furry

  71. TIGER

  72. Angela Williams


  73. Monkey x

  74. Monkeys

  75. Chameleon

  76. Helen Humphries

    Orangutans are magnificent.

  77. Nicola Holland

    The sleepy sloth 🙂

  78. I love red pandas

  79. michaela atkins

    has to b a tiger

  80. tigers

  81. Jennifer Rhymer

    Definitely a male lion. He’s so beautiful with his gorgeous mane 🙂

  82. love monkeys

  83. joanne liddement

    Gray Parrots

  84. Kerry Lethbridge

    For sheer tenacity and strength and their ability to work as a team it has to be ants. The way they work in the jungle environment is amazing

  85. elephants 🙂

  86. A tiger!

  87. Patricia Walker

    I love black panthers

  88. the tiger

  89. Katarzyna Szewczyk

    My favourite are monkeys.

  90. a tiger x x x x

  91. A Lion – I would Love a Lion Cub as a pet (Like The Lion of Harrods)

  92. Has to be a lion

  93. Orangutan!

  94. claire matthews-curtis

    A Tiger….such a beautiful, graceful animal

  95. A tiger

  96. The green parrots native to st Lucia were really special. 😀

  97. Baloo from the Jungle Book made me love the sloth bear 🙂 x

  98. My favourite jungle animal is the lion

  99. Tigers – so cute and cuddly – well their cubs are

  100. Monkey – any kind

  101. jessica newman

    I love a lion

  102. Terrie-Ann Wright

    Definitely an Orang-utan

  103. Charmian Filewood

    Tiger…..or any big cat 😀 xx

  104. Blue Whale

  105. Samantha Rummens


  106. monkeys

  107. Jacqueline Roberts


  108. Kate Sabin-Burns

    panthers definitely 🙂

  109. mine a tiger

  110. It has to be the tiger 🙂 An absolutely beautiful and majestic animal 🙂

  111. Would have to be a tiger!

  112. monkey

  113. Lemurs

  114. a monkey sooo cute 🙂

  115. Chimpanzee I wanted one ever since watching tarzan films as kid

  116. love monkeys

  117. Loving the Lemurs

  118. Mine would be a panther xx

  119. rachel humphries


  120. Tigers – beautiful creatures

  121. Lion


    Tasmanian Devil

  123. Cheeky chimps with bright pink bottoms!

  124. Hazel Christopher

    Tiger 🙂

  125. Natalie Crossan

    Zebras 🙂