Home renovations

5 tips for choosing the right theme for your home

Home renovations

One of the cardinal rules for interior design is to have a theme. Even beautifully styled homes that are eclectic and combine different eras, colours and decor, are still themed! Think of your theme as your design destination. While sometimes you’ll end up taking a few detours here and there, your theme is the single element that will ultimately help the whole design hang together. Here a few examples of interior design themes and how to choose the best one for your home.


If you watch any of the renovating or design shows on TV, you’ll know the single most important starting point for any design projects (regardless of size), is the budget. While it might seem that you’re only limited by your imagination, it is in fact your bank account that will determine how grand your design is! Fear not though, decorating or renovating your home doesn’t need to break the bank and there are so many great ideas and pieces out there that are available at very reasonable prices. For example, take a look at some of the themes, furniture and decor now on offer from leading retailers such as www.superamart.com.au


Without a doubt, this has to be one of the most important considerations to selecting the right theme for your home. For example, you’re not going to choose a minimalist, white theme if you have little kids running around your home! Think first and foremost about how you use your home or how you’d like to use it. Take into consideration how much and often you clean, how much time do you spend at home, which areas get used the most, how many people are using the space, do you need more storage, do you need more room? By answering these questions, you can start to identify how best to work with the space you have and this will start to inform what type of theme you might go for.

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The style of your home should really match and reflect your own personal style and the members of the household. If you’re more conservative, you will probably find yourself being attracted to more traditional pieces of furniture and theme. You may also like the minimalist, modern look or even industrial-inspired design ideas. If you’re more relaxed and casual in your approach to life, you will want to reflect this through your colours and furniture choices as well as art and decor. You might go for the cool and chilled vibe that Balinese design offers or perhaps a more rustic, country-inspired theme will appeal to you.

Property type

The beauty of design is that you can break the rules; as long as you know what you’re doing! For example, you may have seen very old or unusual properties such as a lighthouse or old factory, transformed into a beacon for seriously cool and funky modern design? These types of projects are bold and ambitious and usually guided by a team of experienced professionals. To play it on the safer side, consider your property, its age, the era it was built and the materials within it. Use these to help inform your theme. If you have a lot of older elements, achieving a modern theme may be a little more difficult. Maybe consider going for a funky, modern take on retro, shabby chic, or even traditional or modern country.


Natural lighting and aspect

As with any good design, you must always consider how much natural light a room gets and its aspect. For example, if you have a large and open living area that looks out onto a courtyard or garden, you may choose a natural, earthy theme with indoor plants, woven textiles and earthen pots in order to seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors.

Great designs are always themed. They are well thought out and appropriate to the people living in the property, as well as the property itself. To get your decoration or renovation project off the ground, start thinking about themes you like, that will work for your property and household members and of course, will fit within your budget!

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