Skinny Jeans, your LBD… Items of clothing you should never let go of

Versatile, classic, top quality and generally black. There are some items of clothing that you should never let go of. No matter what your style or circumstance, a wardrobe lacking any of these items is just not worth having. They should be the basis of any modern girl’s everyday wardrobe. You’ve heard of the LBD but we’ve compiled a list so you can make sure your wardrobe compares.

Skinny Jeans
Everyone should have a pair of favorite jeans, current in style with a seemingly tailored cut made to flatter your best assets. There’s no excuses nowadays with jeans to accommodate every body type. Great legs, go for skinny. Want to direct attention away from your waist area, go for flared.

Particularly perfect are dark denim jeans, which are more slimming and versatile – completely casual during the day, and easily dressed up for the night. And no jeans collection is complete without a pair of classic denims, such as Levi’s. Chances are you’ll find the perfect secondhand pair at

Black leather bag
Black leather bags are the epitome of versatile – working well with almost every outfit you can imagine and not prone to dirt or scuffs. The bag should be roughly mid-range in size, big enough to hold a days’ worth of essentials, but not so big that it looks like you’re setting off on a long weekend after work.

Black pumps
Black pumps, like the black bag, are ridiculously versatile and don’t get dirty too quickly. The only other requirement is that when you buy the pumps they’re comfortable. It is worth spending extra money on better quality shoes rather than limping around the office in pain.

A monochrome pair of cardigans
Cardigans are essential for those awful days of uncertain weather. If you get too warm you can easily fold the cardigan up into your black leather bag, and if you get stuck in a freezing cold office, you can wear it for extra warmth. Look for durability in cardigans too, there is nothing that screams “tacky” more than a cardigan with holes in the sleeves or under-arms.

Statement necklace
Statement necklaces are a great choice for dressing up daytime clothes into evening but they can also be worn with jeans and casual wear to add a bit of fun and allow an outfit to be re-worn a million times. They’re also a good way to dress up certain necklines and styles of jumpers and shirts.

It is mind-blowing how much more stylish and complete an outfit can look with the simple addition of a scarf. A light scarf worn around your neck won’t look like an old lady’s accessory if you don’t tie it like an old lady would. Instead go for a loose wrap-around look.

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  1. i have sooo many pairs of skinny jeans – i never wear any other style!

  2. Skinny jeans really don’t suit me and I struggle to find LBD (my top half is two sizes bigger than my bottom half due to boob size!!) I do, however, keep bags and shoes until they need throwing for wearing out 😀