Skiing For My Birthday Or A Chalet In Austria?

Have you ever wanted to do something our of the ‘ordinary’? I’m always thinking outside the box but the problem is, is that I never follow though. What to do for my birthday? The norm… Home with the family? Cinema? Dinner?
My someone put an idea in my head – skiing, which got me thinking. But guys… could I really afford a short break for a skiing trip, a chalet in Austria maybe? It would have to be a main holiday.

I can’t lie I’ve never been skiing before and I wouldn’t have thought in my wildest dreams of a holiday to somewhere cold but when searching it seriously got my mind bussing… I mean take a look at this?

skii 4

skii 3

How amazing does this look? Crazy beautiful. I came across these beautiful images when searching the web for skiing holidays. I also found out that you could investing in Austrian ski property. My brain started thinking even more… Imagine a nice little property in an investment property in somewhere that feels like a traditional alpine village?

On my search I found a picturesque development Galtür which is only a free 10-minute bus ride away from Ischgl which has all the boutiques. Its also know for attracting a few royals too. If I’m correct Galtür is a pretty new development from Kristall Spaces which sounds even more exciting. I even found loads of stuff and information on Austria with the BBC website.

Skii 1 Skii 2

Still weighing up any options but there is a lot of information on property sales in Austria I’ve found loads of ski apartments for sale.

Here is some information I’ve seen
-18 fully furnished apartments
– Hassle free: fully managed and marketed to rental market by an established 3rd generation hotelier
– Central location  Development severely restricted so demand is high as are capital growth rates
– Sauna and steam bath
– Underground parking

Skii 5

I’ve read so many good things about taking young kids on holiday, especially skiing. I can imagine Hayden and his little legs maybe at around 3/4 trying to ski down a slop – I bet he would be awesome at it. He’s always surprising us so I wouldn’t put it past him. Skiing is defiantly on my list of thing for Hayden to to a long with Snorkeling and and surfing.

What do you guys think?
The pictures speak a thousand words, don’t you think?

Lotte xo

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  1. I’ve never been skiing but the chalet and scenery look great.

  2. Those pictures are just fantastic I need to be there its amazing great post thank you

  3. skiing would certainly be my first choice, never been, would most likely be rubbish but always willing to give anything a go 🙂

  4. what a great place for holiday

  5. Tanya Camilleri

    I would love to take my little one skiing when she’s old enough (and baby that’s on the way too). I think it would be a great experience and this place looks fab!

  6. Learning to ski is on my bucket list. Woild definitely like the kids to try too.

  7. I think i would be terrible at skiing but Austria looks absolutely gorgeous!