River Island Mini Launch and Willy Wonker Easter Event

We were invited along to the awesome Easter Extravaganza hosted by River Island at their PR office HQ. The theme was Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory and it was AMAZING! They really out did themselves.

Not only was the event fun with loads of things to do, eat and play River Island gave us a sneak peek at their new ‘Mini Me’ range launching in store and online this May 2014.

We arrived at the event and was greeted by a nice bunch of bloggers and their children already enjoying the festivities. Usually Hayden would have ran off and found a playmate but he was really clingy… The reason being was the floor was fake grass. If you’re a regurlar reader of my blog you would have read that he is not a big fan of sand, dirt, wood cippings (at the park) or grass. So he wasnt his usual bubbly self to start off with.

He soon warmed up when Mr Wonka started playing musical status and bumps.



Once Hayden had settled down I was able to have a good old poke around at the new lush Mini Range bits and was really impressed.

The 100 piece range offers a comprehensive selection of style-led pieces for newborns to 3 year-olds, the collection mimics the current River Island trends. There are loads of bits that I would get for Hayden without a doubt. Great prints and tops that will go with other bits hes got in his wardrobe already – Love to mix and match.


River Island Mini Range




We even had time to make a fun t-shirt by this time Hayden was too excited to sit down and make anything apart from friends instead so it was only half completed HA-HA. But we did have some snacks and other bit that were on offer also.







The exciting adventure didn’t stop there, we even went on a egg hunt around Central London it was so much fun, we picked up eggs at each destination and a map to the next location. The finish point was their central River Island store, even Mr Wonka joined in on the fun.



We had a blast at the event and can’t wait for the new range to come out. Roll on May 2014 where the girls range will consist of gorgeous pastel’s & boys have a skate influence.
Check here see more on the River Island Mini Range

Lotte xo

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  1. It looks great, we were meant to be coming but I was poorly right at the last minute. We would have loved to have come! x

  2. seems you guyz have enjoyed alot.

  3. Looks so fun!!

  4. Sounds like a fun day! And what a great Willy Wonka set 🙂