Lovely Gift Idea’s For Grandparents

Let’s face it; grandparents are heroes. Their birthdays (or any other special occasions) are the perfect opportunity for us to show them just how much we appreciate everything they do for the whole troop.
Getting them a gift that they’ll actually really like can be quite difficult as they’ll no doubt tell us they love whatever we come up with, which is great for the ego but no so great for showing them how much they mean to us. Therefore I thought I’d put together a list of a few things that are sure to make their special day even better and to provide a token that says ‘thanks for not getting mad when the ‘little angels’ scribble on your walls’.

Photo mugs and matching coasters
After a long day of running around with the grandkids, there’s little that our two favourite people enjoy more than just catching their breath back with a nice cup of tea. If your child’s grandparents are happiest when enjoying a cuppa, a nice new mug and coaster set is a guaranteed winner. There are loads of mugs out there especially for grandparents, but we like the idea of creating photo-upload ones, using pictures of their favourite little ones. You can get photo mugs and personalised coasters from My Photo Gifts online, too.

A monthly subscription gift
Subscription gifts are great for any occasion as they’re literally the gift that keeps on giving. There are loads of different ones out there from magazine subscriptions, to wine and beer clubs, or even things like afternoon tea subscriptions. This site is great as it has boxes for all personality types so you’re guaranteed to find them something that they’ll love.

Something for the garden
Or how about something to get those green fingers inspired? Gifts for the garden are a lovely idea for grandparents who take a real pride in pruning their roses or longing over their lawn. It can be a great gift that your kids can get involved with too as you could get them a ‘grow your own’ kit. Again, these can be found in various stores and on different sites in a variety of options. We love the ‘grow your own blueberry jam kit’ one, as sampling their efforts of this project would be a lot more fun that testing their tomatoes! Or, for something they can use every day, things like personalised gardening gloves are a nice touch too.

Special keepsake ideas
The grandparents’ mantelpiece is no doubt full to the brim with loving gifts and photos of their family. Looking for a keepsake with a bit of a twist is always a nice idea as they can often express feelings that aren’t always easy to articulate. Things like this engraved silver paperweight are a lovely idea and are just a little bit different than most of the other tired options out there. It’s also reasonably priced too which can be handy! You could get matching ones or a special one for them to share.

What would you say are awesome gift for grandparents?

Lotte xo

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  2. Great tips – always trying to think of gifts for grandparents!

  3. I’ve brought my grandad a wooden photo frame with all the names of he great grandchildren on

  4. Great tips!

  5. Love this!!

  6. I love photo gifts for grandparents – there’s no end, you always need to make sure they’ve got up to date pics of the children! Great post.


  7. I love photo gifts for grandparents, there’s no end! Need to make sure they have up to date pics of the children! Great post.