Dr Panda’s Restaurant 2 App Review

We’ve been testing out the new Dr Panda’s Restaurant 2 app or should I say my one and a half year old has been hogging the iPad playing the Dr Panda’s Restaurant app everyday since I downloaded it. Yep I have lost my iPad to a toddler thanks Tribe Play.

First Impressions:
– Great Graphics
– Hayden is in hysterics every time the panda says ‘uh uh’
– Really easy to use and navigate

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant is re-opening, and this time all the choices are yours! Make the pizza of your dreams, a pasta dish to rave about, or a soup so spicy your customers will breathe fire! Sweet or salty? Spicy or bitter? It’s up to you!

Dr Pandas Restaurant 2



Price: £1.99

When we initially got approached about the app I was very skeptical about it. I told the PR rep that Hayden was too young to understand what to do and wouldn’t be able to play but I would have a go and give a review from my point of view. I was very surprised that Hayden took to the app very well. He is consonantly on it and cooking me dinner, hes such a sweetie. Hes practically mastered the drag & drop and the grater, he would get a bit confused but I told him up & down, up & down and now he knows what to do.

I’m pretty impressed with this app, I’ve played it a couple times, kinda wished there was more to do especially once they have eaten the food. Like maybe collect the coins to buy new ingredient haha getting ahead of myself. I can’t complain at all really. Its fun, colourful, great graphics & Hayden loves it.

Where to find Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2
Apple App Store

Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purpose of a
review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my


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  1. This looks fun. Your suggestion to collect coins to buy new ingredients sounds good too. I wonder if they’ll listen?

  2. This looks so fun and i really love games like this as does my son

  3. awww looks like there was alot of fun to be had 🙂

  4. great app my little boy loves it

  5. Tanya Camilleri

    Looks like a fun app going by Hayden’s expressions 🙂

  6. This looks great. Something I might look into for my boys.

  7. This looks like a lot of fun, i know my daughter would love this one!