Can You Really Avoid Wrinkles?

Birth, death and taxes. These are the hard truths of life, those which are deemed unavoidable. However, does the ill-fated face full of wrinkles escape the same inevitability? It would seem not. Wrinkles are a sign of age. There are, however, ways to prevent how severely wrinkles appear, and to reduce their impact once they do surface.

Causes of wrinkles
Wrinkles come with ageing skin, however can be brought about or exaggerated by a number of other elements. Your everyday lifestyle choices, from your diet, to your intake of tobacco and alcohol, as well as your sun exposure, can all attribute to the severity of wrinkles. However, even if you adhere to the food pyramid, never go outside and stave off cigarettes and cocktails, there’s no guarantee that you will live your life wrinkle-free (though it would be very unlucky if you didn’t). Genetics and your natural skin type can dictate your likelihood of laugh lines. Did your mother have to apply all of the lotions and potions from a young age, or is she still looking great well into her 60s after only ever using moisturiser? Chances are, you’ll follow her wrinkled example.

How to prevent them
There are methods you can employ from a young age to limit and avoid wrinkles you may experience later in life. As they say, prevention is better than any cure, and there is no natural cure for wrinkles. Employing a thorough skin care routine can help maintain the elasticity of the skin on your face; keeping it moisturised, clean and exfoliated can all keep wrinkles at bay. Sun safety—sunscreen, a hat, covered clothing—are all part of maintaining healthy skin, as is avoiding long tanning sessions or time spent in the hottest parts of the day. While it may prove a difficult task for some, limiting or eradicating cigarettes and alcohol from your lifestyle will be of significant help in the task to prevent wrinkles as well as maintaining a general health and wellbeing.

I already have wrinkles… now what?
There are tactics you can try to reduce the severity of your wrinkles. Maintaining a balanced diet, rich in fish, fruits and vegetables, soy, while limiting caffeine will help boost the antioxidants your skin needs to fight against sun damage. Be careful to not over-wash your face and rid your skin of the essential oils that act as a natural barrier against the elements.

There are some topical treatments available that are designed to purposefully target wrinkled skin, including natural fruit acids that strip the fine top layers of the skin and its evidence of wrinkles, as well as Vitamin A creams which help repair sun damage.

If you find that the delicate skin around your eyes is sagging or creasing beyond the help of creams and lifestyle changes, there are non-invasive procedures such as Blepharoplasty to lift the skin around the eyes, freshening the face. These procedures should not be considered without first consulting a professional. Dr Woods is one such professional who can help you assess whether you are a suitable candidate.


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