Benefits of a Professional Inspection before Any Property Purchase

There are many benefits to employing a professional to undertake a pest inspection on a property you intend to purchase. Not only can an inspection identify problems, it can work in your favour prior to the negotiation process. I recently watched a program on BBC 1 called ‘Don’t Get Done Get Dom’ It was about a man who hired a surveyor to check over the property before it was brought, long story short – The surveyor didn’t go a great job, in the T&Cs it says he is not to lift up carpets to check flooring, check the loft/roofing and tiles and that was the highest package. The house in fact had live termites eating at the wood …

The last thing you want to do after finding your dream home is find out that it is not all it is cracked up to be and that you are up for serious repairs which are both costly and timely. It may involve you having to move out of the home while repairs are being undertaken so all of these factors need to be considered before you buy the home in the first place.

Many structural problems are not visible to the average person or even to the naked eye. Termites or other structural damage are normally in areas you just can’t see such as under the foundations of your home or behind the walls. A professional will be able to check for moisture levels, get up in the roof and see what is up there plus they will also pull themselves into small crevices under the house to inspect the nature of the structure. Companies like be do these types of inspections all the time and know what to look for.

Another problem which may not seem significant but can cause enormous structural damage is rising damp or damp/ingress. If there isn’t enough cross ventilation under your home, the drainage hasn’t been correctly set up or leakage has meant water has built up over time, this can leave homes, especially those of a timber nature, with massive problems.

And problems normally mean hassles – both in time and money. This is why it is essential for you to do a pre-purchase inspection with a professional as then you will also be able to get an estimate of costs involved should any urgent repairs need to be made. When it comes to negotiating the purchase price of your property – you will want to know how much this is all going to cost. You also need to factor in the cost and time to relocate temporarily, temporary rental costs, moving costs and costs of things like re-painting and carpeting once repairs have been completed. When you add all of these estimated costs up – this amount should be deducted of the sale price and it is very fair for you to ask for such a reduction in price.

Another benefit to getting the pre purchase inspection done is so that if you get a good result, you have that on record. If there are no structural problems, no evidence of termite infestation or any other issues, then it is good to reassure your insurance company and mortgagor of these positives. It also means that if something happens further down the track and you do end up getting an attack from termites, you have proof that it is a new problem and not something that has been there for a long time.

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