Urban Living – Living Room Inspiration and Top Tips

I love putting together mood boards of products for a room in the house. Today I have chosen the living room and the theme is Urban Living.
We live in East London & its as urban as it can get. Over the years its developed so much, I’ve lived here all my life in the same house – Yep nearly 28 years in one house. Safe to say I will find it extremely hard when we move into our own place … And we’ve actually started looking guys.In all honestly I LOVE LONDON but living in it is extremely expensive so we have opted to move just outside still sticking to the east of campus so ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ haha. Just thinking about it gets me excited.

The whole moving our stuff, painting, decorating, Hayden having his own room and then planning for baby number two eeek. The question is would we decorate the spare room right away or not? What would you do?I know we haven’t got a main place in mind just yet but I wanted to start putting ideas together, start some inspirational home decor posts. Starting with the urban living room were we spend most of our days. I work from home so when I’m not off entertaining Hayden outside, on a blogger event or a Port Avenue adventure that’s were we are either, paining/colouring fun pictures, watching movies (mainly frozen, Dispicable Me 2 & Cloudy 2) relaxing or building fire stations with mega blocks (Rovi, not me lol). You tend to forget how much time you actually spend somewhere until you really think about it.

You often want to make sure that room your in is comfortable, easy on the eye & to your liking obviously.
So I’ve put together some top tips on keeping those points a priority if that’s what you’re after.

Top Tips

– The Area Rugs
Celebrity designer Angelo Surmelis says “you want to expose some flooring, but for the most part, go big, almost as big as the seating area.” If the rug is small it makes the room look small. The bigger the better but y
you do still want to see the floor as it gives the room character and you obviously chose the floor because it looked nice and wanted people to see it too.

– The Coffee Tables
This is pretty much the same as the rug. The bigger the better. We’ve actually removed our coffee table as we tend to put too much stuff on it. It was a pretty decent size but now that area is just more play space for Hayden. If you don’t need the place space then a big coffee table is the way to go. If you can’t go big because you have a narrow living room you can go long. If you want to get technical then the coffee tables should be placed 12 to 24 inches away from your couch. Nice coffee tables can be expensive but you can find gorgeous ones at Furniture Rentals.

– Light your Room
You will find that lighting is one of the most important elements in a space in a room. If your living room doesn’t have big windows and doesn’t benefit from the light then you can always add a floor lamp or even table lamp to the area’s of the room that don’t get that natural light attention.

– Contrasting Furniture
I’ve noticed that adding contrasting textures add an interesting element to your living room. You can do this without very much thought and without spending a fortune also. Simply place your favourite or items of choice like an old single sofa or cushions over by the plain area.

– Hang Paintings or Canvas’
When hanging your wall photos, paintings and canvas try putting it over a piece of furniture and 24 to 36 inches above it.

What are your top tips?

Until next time… Charlotte x
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  1. Choosing the right area rug for the living room seems a bit tricky as well. Thanks for the tips.

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  3. Great tips! I LOVE the feel of this style and the funky armchair gives a nice pop of colour! xxx

    Love From Mummy – UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog

  4. Ooooo I adore the tub chair – love how the cushion is patterned but then the rest is plain.