Toddlers First Pancakes – Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free #FREEFROM

On Tuesday I’m sure most of you knew it was Pancake day. I don’t usually celebrate it because to me pancakes contained eggs, I can have eggs in moderation but Hayden can’t have it at all. Also in the ingredients is wheat and milk to other ingredients that Hayden can’t have.

But we were shown that none of the ingredients that we both can’t have needs to be in the recipe.

We’ve been having trouble trying to get Hayden to eat any form of breakfast in the morning, other then Organix 4+ cereals, that’s the only thing he will eat and finish.

I sent out a tweet about a month back and the lovely Nicola from tweeted me back that she had an idea and she’ll write up a blog post on it and let me know. Well she did & I’m mega happy, so much so that I recreated the recipe for Hayden.
This was our very first baking experience together and I have to admit we had a lot of fun.
380-400g Gluten Free Flour Blend (incl. Xanthan Gum)
(I picked ours up from Asda, they also sell Xanthan Gum separate)
200ml Water 
200ml Soy milk 
(Alpro Junior 1+ from Salisbury’s)
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Baking Powder (make sure gluten free!)
(From Asda)
Fruit of your choice!
I then added another 100ml of water because it was too think

– Add all dry ingredients in a bowl, 
– Add the water and whisk.
Once combined 
– Add the soy milk and whisk until smooth 
Heat oil in a pan and when the pan is hot 
– Add a ladle full of pancake mix to the pan
– While the bottom is firming, push the fruit onto the top 
– Use a spatula keep the edges from sticking to the pan
– After 1-2 mins and the pancake is firm enough, flip it over

Happy to say all went well and he ate every last bit, even washed it down with Strawberry flavour milk from Alpro. I’ve come to realise if you look and ask for help #FreeFrom isn’t such a lonely and scary place.

There was so much mixture left over (You can make about 12 good size pancakes with the above ingredients) so Rovi had some as well after work. He’s usually really headstrong about what he eats and never touches soya but he did this once and actually really liked it. Maybe I can convert him. I’ve really enjoyed our hands on approach to cooking and Free From looking forward to creating lots more fun & exciting foody posts for you guys. I even went out and purchased a few baking items like a tray & scales ready to start our baking journey now that I know what Hayden can & can’t eat bring it on allergies (not literally)

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Hope to see you guys down there!!

Lotte xo

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  1. wow, i will have to bookmark this, i have heard a lot about gluten free and how tasty food is, i guess i need to try

  2. Hope little one enjoyed his first baking experience and Pancake Day! x

  3. Wow a little chef in the making! They look yummy!

  4. Awh he’s so cute they look yummy pancakes!

  5. I love this recipe I also have to make milk free pancakes as my little boy is allergic have to say they were very nice the alpro soya 1+ milk gives them a lovely sweet taste I was eating them with him

  6. I have a friend that I’ll have to pass this recipe on to… she really misses pancakes!

  7. I’m bookmarking the recipe even though we don’t have allergies it is so good to have a good one for visitors! x

  8. How fab that he could still enjoy the day!

  9. Wow my son is dairy and soya free you must have a challenge with food! Good on you and what a little cutie

  10. sounds and looks yummy, I need me a little chef to make them till my baby girl is older x

  11. I have freefrom too! I have Crohns so my diet is so restricted and bowels ultra sensitive!

  12. One of life’s great experiences, baking with a toddler!

  13. thats cooking!!! much better than mine lol

  14. Hayden looks like he enjoyed both making and eating those yummy pancakes 🙂

  15. Looks like he had fun!

  16. Anthony Harrington

    awww well done on all the free from items!

  17. Looks like you had so much fun making them, can’t wait til mine are old enough to do that too!x

  18. Lorraine Tinsley

    They look really yummy, I’ll have to pass the recipe on to my MIL as her partner is gluten free and misses things like pancakes and bread as the gluten free stuff can sometimes be a bit cardboard like 🙂

  19. My sister is on a gluten free diet as she cannot eat certain foods with gluten is… its hard to find products that are tasty without gluten in!

  20. think its great to encourage little ones to get busy in the kitchen as young as possible. Nothing like eating your work to encourage little ones to have a go.

  21. Charlotte Davies

    Fab idea!

  22. Great you found a way to enjoy pancakes

  23. What a gorgeous dude! 🙂 x

  24. Had to make my pancakes with Lactofree milk as my little man has shown an intolerance to Lactose. Haven’t tried him on soya yet though.

  25. Awww, this is so lovely, he looks like he’s really enjoying himself, its good to get little ones involved as soon as they’re able x

  26. aww he looks so cute! going to save this, both my girls have food intolerance, just in the process of trying to find out what it is so this could come in handy x

  27. Nice to see and read that Hayden had some pancakes and enjoyed them. Why are there certain thing you can’t have ? Allergy /dislike/health reasons etc?

  28. Very challenging indeed, great recipe 🙂

  29. Great way to experience pancake day! I’ll be using the recipe. 🙂

  30. Aww he looks like hes enjoying being a little chef the pancakes look delicious 🙂

  31. NICE ONE

  32. Isabell Whitenstall

    I am glad you found a recipe for pancakes. I know how had it is finding suitable food without wheat as my husband is a coeliac