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My Mother’s Day – Being a Mother

So this was my 3rd mothers day… 2nd official mothers day and it was lovely.
I got to lay in, had a big breakfast and actually took the day really slow and did nothing. We planned to go somewhere spontaneously but because we had such a chilled day we ended up leaving the house pretty late so we ended up going local.
I posted a photo on IG on a quote I found on pinterest and added it to one of my photos of me and Hayden – I absolutely love it.

 I still can’t believe I’m a mother sometimes, just thinking about it makes me emotional – Its a full time job, it hard work and a lot of the time I’m completely winging it. But FACT I wouldn’t change it for the world. Hayden says ‘mum’ on average about 200 times a day even when I have acknowledged him and I’m looking him dead in his eyes and by golly geewizz it drives me bonkers but in all honesty I can image not hearing it. Rovi takes Hayden out a lot and leaves me at home so I can get Port Avenue & blogging work done and I miss his little voice telling me he wants to watch Hot Dog (Mickey Mouse Club House), George (Curious George), Let it Go (Frozen) all his favorites by the way. Being a mum is a scary thought, I don’t think it will ever leave me, that scary feeling because I always want to make sure I’m doing the right thing for him and so far so good *touch wood* and I hope that I can continue.

My mum was again in Barbados for Mother’s Day but I had a genius idea where I would have flowers delivered her home address. What a great idea but not when a company advertises that they ship to Barbados and they actually don’t & don’t bother to tell you until the day before with a stupid bog standard email … Thanks for stressing me out and wasting my Saturday Serenata Flowers! I hate those companies that take your money and then say yeah sorry we can’t do that any more but you will have to wait 3-5 days for your money! Grrrr

On a MUCH better and brighter note I eventually found a new company and I was to shout from the rooftop how grateful I am for them they got me out of a horrid pickle and made my mum one of the happiest women on mothers day. My mum means the world to me, she has been through so much crap physically and mentally and she is a truly amazing, strong & inspirational woman – I love her to bits! I only want to make her happy and if I can’t be there on her special day then I’m mega happy that flowers can make her feel special.
Thank you www.caribflowers.com for the amazing customer service (Jessica), perfect delivery and beautiful flowers. I would highly recommend using this company if you want to send flowers to the Caribbean. My mum was sooo fregging happy, she now expects this all the time – Hmmmm.

I managed to walk her through taking a photo and uploading them to Facebook – bless her!

Flowers 1

Flowers 2

Gorgeous right?!
Again, thank you so much Carib Flowers

How was your mothers day?
What did you get up to?

Lotte xo

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  1. cubic zirconia aaa

    Nice post, i hope everyone will like your post..

  2. I love the first pic. I didn’t get a photo like that and wish I had!

  3. Beautiful flowers

  4. What a beautiful picture.
    Sounds like a wonderful Mother’s Day x x

  5. Beautiful pictures…. Well…… my Mother’s Day was spent in the hospital with my youngest son who has broken his tibia, so it wasn’t a great one for me I’m afraid, I did get a card though later that night, so that cheered me up a little bit.

  6. Awww how lovely 🙂

  7. what a wonderful day you had, gorgeous flowers!!!!

  8. What a beautiful pic of you on the beach

  9. aww lovely! my mothers day was very chilled. my OH had to work until 11pm so it was just a movie day with my little man!

  10. awwwww <3

  11. charlotte thornton

    What a fab picture x

  12. christy beckett

    The flowers are beautiful, Mothers day is such a rewarding day. I got cards and some home made ones, lots of gifts and had all my children round for tea it was very special.

  13. Lovely flowers, very jealous!

  14. Ah how lovely 🙂

  15. Jennifer Rhymer

    Beautiful photos – time just flies by too fast though x 🙂

  16. I missed mothers day this year but it never feels the same now all my children aren’t here.

  17. Lovely flowers

  18. Beautiful pictures and beautiful words.