Big Lottery Win – New House, Tropical Holiday and New Clothes

Yes, this is a few of what I’d do if I won the lottery. New house, holiday and new clothes
Well its Wednesday and a girl can dream right so I’ve put together a wishlist of what I would get if I won the lottery considering I forgot to play today.

Up first it would be a brand new home, somewhere suburban, fresh air, several bedrooms all en-suit, gym, indoor swimming pool and even a room for an office.
House hunting is a real pain in the butt, I wonder if anyone has any top tips to help us find our perfect property.


Up next would be a tropical holiday, who wouldn’t want one of those? Sun, Sea & loads of R and R very much needed. Been feeling so warn out lately with fracturing my arm, the pop up shop and catching a cold out of nowhere I think I would jump on a plane as soon as I found out HAHA.
I love Barbados so I would go their first then maybe hit up some other Caribbean island and then head over to my ultimate holiday haven Bora Bora (one day I will go)

Who wouldn’t go crazy on new clothes? The funny thing is, I’m usually roaming around in old clothes while Hayden is sporting the latest trends. I would rather get Hayden new clothes then myself. He just looks so cute in them. I’ve put together a few pieces from my favorite brands above – Filemon Kids, Nununu, Mini Rodini & Soft Gallery.
If I could get Hayden every single items from these brands new collections I would!

Just writing this post is making me kick myself that I missed playing the lottery tonight. I always say you’ve got to be in it to win it.
Right so this Friday & Saturday I will play and I will win (thinking positive) – I can only image how many people have won the lottery in some form or another. I should really have a look at the Eurojackpot annual review (2014) and see for myself, but I’m sure the green eyed monster would come out.

If you won the lottery what you you do?
I’m talking as soon as you realise those number were you’re numbers – Rovi said he would order pizza!
I said I would go to sleep so I could wake up first thing, bright and early to evaluate my life and book my flight for the evening.

Lotte xo
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  1. If I won the lottery I think I’d buy a big bit of land and build my ideal home

  2. I agree with your choices. I would buy a house with a swimming pool. I would buy 2 new cars. I would take us on holiday. I would also give my Mum and Dad some.

  3. I would love it just to be able to give everyone in the family that safety net. At the same time can you imagine how much life would change as much as I’d love more money I’m not sure id want that much of a change x

  4. I woud buy a large house in spain.lovely weather and blue sea xx

  5. A house by the sea for me if I won enough, possibly Cornwall.

  6. I would build my own house, it’s always been a dream of mine, somewhere in the middle of the countryside 🙂 Then buy a cosy little cottage in Ireland for family holidays x

  7. First thing I’d do is faint. Second thing I’d do is get on Rightmove!

  8. If I won the lottery, I’d buy my dream house and get my mum a little house nearby, and then take the family on a Disney Cruise

  9. I would get all my family together for a party and then we would jointly decide what we would do with the money. I think that I would like to pay off all their mortgages!

  10. The best tip for finding a property is prioritise what is the most important things to you in a list and drum it into your agents its what you want. Be prepared to look at some rubbish and don’t argue.

  11. I would make lots of list of who to gift some of my winnings to, what to invest in, where to go on holiday, where we might want to move to……lots of lists lol