The Financial Benefits of Having Your Favourite Frames Reglazed

I have to admit, I sometimes hate having to shop for new glasses frames, especially when I’ve got a pair that I adore or money is tight and I don’t want to pay for a new pair of frames just because my vision prescription changed.

The Daily Mirror covered the extreme difference between getting new lenses in existing frames versus getting an entirely new set of glasses and found that up to £150 could be saved by doing so. But exactly how does reglazing prescription glasses save money? By not having to replace the frames, the company handling the reglazing process only needs to deal with the lenses, not the frames themselves.
They also don’t need to deal with the expense of paying someone to fit your glasses, since that was done when you received your frames.

If the expense was too much for you to get the lenses you really wanted last time, you can pay less later on and still be able to upgrade to transitional lenses, higher index plastic that lowers weight and thickness, add coatings to reduce glare or scratches or similar benefits you weren’t able to afford when you first picked up your new frames and lenses. Reglazing full rims typically cost the least with an upcharge for half-rims or rimless styles.

So when can you not get your current frames reglazed? If the glass has to follow a curvature, such as with some sports goggles or safety glasses, it can be virtually impossible to match the same angle without involving the manufacturer who, of course, wants to sell you new frames.

If you need these types of glasses in the future, get a pair of convertible safety glasses with removable side shields instead of a curved piece of glass that goes around the sides of your eyes. The other reason that may make reglazing impossible is if your current frames are not in good shape, whether because of worn or broken parts, or metal fatigue.

Hopefully this has given you some information about how to save money and keep enjoying your current frames through reglazing. Investigate a reliable glasses reglazing service and get the glasses you deserve!

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  2. good advice! i’m terrible for constantly buying new frames! faye xx

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  4. I never knew you could do this, I always just buy new ones, thanks for the tip x

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