Linden Safe View Mirror Review

Isn’t it a nightmare when driving hearing ‘mummy, mummy, mummy’? Don’t get me wrong, I love the sound of my sons voice but he has a thing where he will not finish his sentence until I look at him. Thank you Linden for letting me review this product – Success!

First Impressions:
– Compact
– Easy to attach 
– Wish the mirror was slightly more clear
“Established over 20 years ago, Lindam is Europe’s leading child home safety brand.  Lindam is the leading supplier of child safety lines in the UK and offers the broadest range of safety solutions globally.  The company’s mission is to make clever products that help today’s parents feed and care for their children as safely as possible.”

Price: £5.29
As soon as Hayden started forward facing in his car seat I was automatically worried that I wouldn’t be able the see him. So I would need to turnaround every time we stopped just to double check – Well that’s if he’s not singling along to his music. As he got older and started saying more words including MUMMY to get my attention while driving, being a toddler he couldn’t understand why mummy was saying ‘Yes Hayden’ and not turning around to look at him = Frustrated toddler.

After attaching the safe view mirror to my rear-view mirror it made like 10x more easier to interact with him while driving … On demand. Also great for when Rovi’s driving I can swivel the mirror round to the passengers chair and see Hayden without having to twist my body and neck (you know what I mean) round to look behind me.

Its super easy to attach as well. One piece of velcro and on the other side a sticky back, that piece sticks to the back of your rear view. Then at the top of the Safe View Mirror it also has velcro so that bit attaches to the velcro at the back of the rear view. Takes like 10 seconds.
Overall love it & highly recommend it if your child is forward facing.

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  1. Janet |

    Hi ya

    Thanks for this post. I have being looking at the mirrors you actually attach to the rear view mirror. I have not seen these ones before. Will have to check it out. My son will soon be facing forward soon, thanks for the share.

    Blessings Janet

  2. You certainly need to see what is going on in the back!

  3. this is great, and am going to take a look as really need one of these.

  4. Im loving this, I bought a new mirror and it would not stick. Will try this, a fantastic novel idea. Thankyou. x

  5. we had one of these so handy for safe driving

  6. Looks very useful.

  7. This is a great idea – very reassuring!

  8. my friend just passed her drivign test and got one of these as she has 3 littlies in the back! i thought it was genius! if i ever get round to driving it will be on my list of MUST HAVES!