Hayden Toddler Update – 22 Months Old

Hayden is now a whopping 22 months old today He is such a cheeky chappy and will be two in 2 months. Its so hard to believe I will have a two year old, I know everyone says this but its true – Time seriously fly’s by when you’re having fun. This will update on Hayden life as a toddler so far.

I wake up every morning and have the privilege of looking at his beautiful little face I cant help but be extremely grateful and thankful as to how blessed I am. He is gowning up to be such a smart little boy with an unbelievable heart melting character.  
He is currently in size 18-24 months clothing and size 4 shoes but depending on the brand it don’t give him much wear as he is pretty tall & age 2-3 swamp him. Did a massive Matalan sale shop and they are so big for him. His new sleepsuit from Hatley below comes up slightly too small but you’ll usually find that Hatley cater for lovers of the snugg fitting PJs

As I get told all the time on Instagram by friends and family that Hayden looks so big for his age, trust me I can see it too. When ever we go out I always get asked how old he is … yano friendly mummy convo’s and the response is always ‘Oooo hes big for his age isn’t he’ and I simply reply ‘yeah he is’ with a huge smile on my face usually followed by ‘extremely active and super clever too!’ 
I think they usually expect him to be older because of his size and his actions – He listens & understands when I tell him to do things (well not all the time but most of the time), He’s very friendly with everyone, Independent and fully knows what he wants while trying to communicate it to you the best way he knows how.
I know I sound like any other mother would sound about her child but I am so proud of him.
My caterpillars stats taken at his 21 months allergy appointment
Weight: 11.70
Height: 87.3cm
Last week we had an appointment to see the dermatology at The Royal London Hospital for a follow up & repeat allergy test but the allergy test didn’t take place as he had a flare up just after Christmas from testing out foods he is allergic too. The Dr who was really lovely and extremely helpful @laurivdp on twitter gave me a better understanding of how egg allergy’s work and how/when I should try to introduce it to Hayden again, just before his next testing which should be in about 6/8 months. We also touched on introducing peanuts and Hazelnuts into his diet but once I get the notes back from the appointment I will go into detail more then so keep your eyes peeled for that post.

Hayden is currently loving all things Disney, Hes gone off of CBEEBIES. Still Loves Curious George, he’s constantly roaring at people (thanks Henry Huggle Monster) and his favorite word is now Hot Dog, meaning I don’t care what time of the day/night it is, where we are, who we’re with or what we’re watching its now time for Mickey Mouse Club House.

His last cinema trip was to watch Frozen which is on constant repeat now on the iPad Movie Box app. I know the whole movie off the top of my head. Looking forward to the new Tinker Bell & Rio 2.

Hayden Loves
Rice, potatoes, pasta, chicken, ham, oranges, cucumber, still loves milk, water, soya yogurt & Organix crisps.

Hayden Doesn’t Like
Juice & Oats

Favorite words
I love you too, Hello, Bye, Bubbles, Hotdog, Mummy Daddy, Papa, Mama, Ball, Plane, Cheese (When I want to take a photo of him), Choo Choo & Hes just learnt the word George.

He loves wearing new clothes must be a trait from his dad because I’m not fussed when it comes to clothes & loves music & movies! He can sit completely still though Frozen, Despicable Me 2, Rio, Tinker Belle and the Secret of the Wings & Cloudy With a Change of Meatballs 2.

What does you’re toddler love to do & say? 

Lotte xo 
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  1. Lovely update, he’s such a cutie 🙂 My friend has a son almost the same age, they seem very similar!


  2. What a lovely collection of memories to look back on. They grow so quickly and you do forget their little habits, likes and dislikes. He is soooooo cute too!

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  7. I loved reading this. My son just turned two and it made me wish I’d documented him better at this age. He is beautiful anf looks so happy! I was thinking of taking Nye to the cinema so it was really useful to see you’ve already done it.

  8. I loved reading this. My son just turned two and it made me wish I’d documented him better at this age. He is beautiful anf looks so happy! I was thinking of taking Nye to the cinema so it was really useful to see you’ve already done it.

  9. He is so cute!! Time definitely goes go by so quick!

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    Our blogs will be full of amazing memmories. My little one is 17 months x

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