Our Christmas 2013

Our Christmas this year consisted of three days unlike previous year with 2. We spent Christmas eve with Rovi’s mum & his family, Christmas day was spent just our little family at home. Boxing day round my aunts (mums sister).

Christmas has always been a special time of year for me since as long as I could remember. Staying up late to got to midnight mass on Christmas eve. Coming home and opening one present then going to sleep so that Santa can visit and bring me all my presents … greedy much? haha.

I can’t wait for the years to go by when Hayden will understand more & more how exciting Christmas is & I will cherish every moment as possible as I can by either taking photos or recoding footage. Its such an amazing feeling to be able to look back and see how much my baby has grown and how different his reaction was from the last.

24th December – Christmas Eve
I noticed that a lot of parents had a tradition of a Christmas eve box and I would love to start one for Hayden next year – I think he will understand it a lot better and we can go to town with the items (I’m quite excited already) This year we spend Christmas eve at Rovis mums house with the family.

There was tonnes of food, drink, music, socialising and kids having fun. What more could I ask for. Its hard spending Christmas without my mum and dad – I know they feel the same but they can look out of the window and see this view

No Filter!

That would make anyone feel better within seconds.

So its really nice to be around loved ones at special times like this. It was so magical seeing Hayden playing with his young uncle and granduncle’s if that’s even a word. They all look so much a like. Rovi’s sister called them the no barber crew because they all have big hair HAHA.

Hayden was extremely spoilt this year – He got so many presents. I have literally just written all the thank you cards and I must post them ASAP!

25th December – Christmas Day
We spent Christmas day just the three of us pancake and bacon for breakfast for myself and Rovi. While Hayden had cereal and some of my bacon – takes after me too much.
Then we opened presents and enjoyed the rest of the day – I actually cooked Christmas dinner for the very first time

Pork Joint
Yorkshire pudding

Apple Pie & Ice Cream
yoghurt (Hayden)

26th December – Boxing Day
Every year we spend boxing day at my aunts house. Everyone on my mums side of the family is usually there. All her brothers and sisters, my cousins and everyone just has a good old catch up. We are all spread out around London and the outskirts so its like the one time of the year were everyone gets to see each other together.
My cousin recently started researching our family tree and I found out some interesting information about my granddad … enough to make one giggle but that’ another story.
Can you believe I wanted to my aunts house with Hayden in his pushchair and had to driven back home because of all the presents I had to carry – CRAZY!

We had a amazing Christmas & are really looking forward to next year already. I think one thing I would like to do different … which I say every year but get Christmas out the way months before hand so I’m not rushing around closer to the day. Lets see how that works out.

I hope you all had a wonderful day too!

Lotte xo 
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  1. Great post looks like you all had a fab Christmas. I love having 3 christmas’s hehe! Great to see a family post of you guys again! xx