IT’S ALL ABOUT MIMI – Your must have accessory Competition

Fancy getting your hands on the new a handbag-sized book of over 100 cartoons that lives up to its name – it really is all about MIMI. MIMI is a delightfully sharp and witty fashionista whose greatest fear is losing her sunglasses whilst her favourite shop is Bond Street – not just one store but all of it! MIMI does what she wants when she wants and does not let having a baby get in the way.

Portrayed through DENISE DORRANCE’s hilarious illustrations, IT’S ALL ABOUT MIMI tells the story of a modern woman trying to balance life as a stylish shopaholic and a mother – considering her desire for minimalism and all things chic, it doesn’t come naturally, leading to wonderfully funny scenarios. 

‘Gloriously entertaining MIMI is as self-indulgent as she is funny.’

IT’S ALL ABOUT MIMI is the must have accessory for anyone who loves fashion, art or wants a how-to guide for life from MIMI’s stylish perspective. The book is available to by at Amazon.

Competition Rules – Please complete all entry’s. The more points the better your chance of winning. Please check the full T&Cs at the bottom of the rafflecopter application, this giveaway is open to the UK ONLY and ends 10th Jan 2014

Giveaway Time
To be in with a chance of winning you very own 160 pages (Posh Paperback) Priced at £11.99 all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter entries below. The more you complete the better chances you have in winning.


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  1. You know you’re a mum when you in the supermarket and find yourself rocking the trolley!

  2. You have dummies stashed everywhere @ollieamelia

  3. Your handbag is full of toys and baby wipes!

  4. Pam Francis Gregory

    You feel like a taxi driver

  5. You don’t leave the house with baby wipes

  6. when sleep becomes a luxury.

    Rachel Craig

  7. You know you’re a mum when you get woken up early in the morning by a little person

  8. you become a unpaid taxi driver

  9. You Don’t get any sleep

  10. you cant walk in any room without stepping on or falling over toys
    Spencer Broadley

  11. You know you’re a mum/dad when …… you often share your bed with your child, Iggle piggle, Elmo and various other stuffed toys.

  12. Losing your sunglasses isn’t you’re greatest fear anymore!

  13. …you start carrying wipes & snacks with you at all times.

  14. you know you’re a mum or dad when you can no longer go anywhere without first spending an hour sorting bags of nappies and spare clothes and/or babysitters!

  15. When u hear can I borrow

  16. you become an unpaid taxi driver

  17. you say because I said so!

  18. you get sick in your hair and instead of freaking out you just wipe it with your bare hand and carry on out the door!

  19. When you can function on only a few hours sleep a night!

  20. you start talking to everyone they way you would to your children

  21. You prefer to put your feet up in front of the fire for a rest rather than go out on the town.

  22. Pamela says – you’re poor.

  23. When you haven’t had a lie-in for years

  24. eating a full dinner is an accomplishment

  25. your child is born

  26. when you cant go a day without hearing the word “why?” over 1000 times james Harland fb

  27. when you start saying “because i said so”

  28. You find a mark on your clothes, and instead of changing, you just wipe it off (a bit!)

  29. you know your a mum cause when you are cleaning the kids leave a string of mess behind in the room you have just cleaned up and have to do it again lol

  30. You are only referred to as Amy’s mum – or anyone elses

  31. There’s wipes in the car, the handbag, under the sink and every other room in the house 🙂

  32. when you can’t even poop in peace 😉

    Natalie Gillham

  33. You’re professional at pretending a spoon is a aeroplane!

  34. you don’t get much sleep!! ZZZzzzzzz…….

  35. when you go to bed at 10pm instead of 12 or 1 or 2 in the morning

    Christian Ward

  36. You can’t go out sat nights anymore!

  37. you forget what a full nights sleep is like!

  38. You know you are a mum when you can have a 30 minute discussion about poo and actually be really interested in everything that is being said.

  39. when sleep becomes a luxury