Ideal Single Beds Spear Room, Do you Need One?

A few months back there was an interesting hype around attachment parenting with Peaches Geldof admitting to she and her husband Tom Cohen sleep separately so that Peaches can share their bed with their six-month-old. What’s the big deal? We were avid co-sleepers when Hayden was little and we do not have the biggest bed but we made it work.

I suppose if we had our own place with a nice spear room I may have kicked Rovi out sometimes (shhh don’t tell him) so that we could all get a good night’s sleep. The poor guy would have to be at work for 6 so I’m sure he wouldn’t complain about getting sleep.

I was not an attachment parent as I was constantly told by friends and family I couldn’t hold he too much as that is all he will want and I would be able to get much done as he got older. I am very grateful for that advice. Wish I had listened about the co-sleeping also. Hayden at 20 months still wakes up and expects to come into our bed to fall asleep … I yawn as I write this.

Are there more parents out there that feel like this also? What was your solution?
Did you have a spear room? Sleep train? or even cry it out method?

I’ve asked a lot of people that I know and they have also said that their other half would sleep on the sofa or in the spear room from time to time. I’m pretty sure if we had a spear room I would have kitted it out with a gorgeous bed and matching pretty things – Inspiration coming from Oh So Amelia’s new Instagram of course HA HA.

Here are some really cute room Ideas, especially single beds from Carpet Right I know, I didn’t know they sold beds either or vinyl floors now you know!
What do you think, here are my favourites.

This is my favorite, not only a single bed that turns into a double. Perfect!

Top Tips to creating the Ideal spare room

– You’ll find that the bed is the most important factors of the room. You want to make sure the person sleeping in the bed is comfortable and has a great night sleep.

– Empty storage is the next key factor. If the spear room is being used for guest then they would want space so they can unpack their clothes and put them away. If there is no space in the room for a set of draws or a wardrobe there are these awesome adhesive hooks that can be added to the back of the door. Offer a few hangers and they are sorted.

– Decorating a room is always fun especially if you love Pinterest like I do. You will be able to find tons of inspiration. Neutral colours are is always great, relaxing and calm

What are your top tips?

Lotte xo 
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  1. We had trouble with Charlie for a period of 2 months when he was 1 he constantly wanted to come into bed with us which is such an uncomfortable way to sleep ! We bit the bullet one night and just let him cry it out, it only took a few days for the problem to get better. 🙂 thankfully with Harry and Olivia we were wise yo the problem and never let them in bed with us unless they are unwell. Even then that short period over chtisymas olivia started to want to be in our bed. We are big meanies :-p

  2. Love this 🙂 so cute

  3. Lovely simple designs! Just wish kids rooms always looks so spotless!

  4. I so love the white iron bed with the pull out. I am hoping to find one for my daughters room as it would be perfect if she has sleep overs and not just functional, but beautiful as well.