Don’t Let Your Car Ruin Your Day Top Tips

There is nothing more sickening than the sight and feel of your car limping off to the side of the road, especially when the whole family is dressed smartly and off to an important event. Once the vehicle breaks down, all your plans will go out of the window as you on the car, trying to coax it back to life, or sit glumly, waiting for the repair truck to roll up and rescue you.

Many breakdowns can be avoided by taking the following steps:

Regular Servicing
This is probably something that older drivers emphasise all the time to younger drivers, but there is a good reason for this repetition: it is true! Make sure that you always get your vehicle serviced on time, even if it means that other treats or expenditure must be delayed. Missing services means that your vehicle has more time to form faults, most of which will worsen over time. Sudden and catastrophic breakdowns can end up costing you far more than a few years’ worth of services, so do not try and save money by skipping the odd service here and there, it is a false economy

Belt Up!
Ask your mechanic to check your fan belt and cam belt with each service as these are cheap and relatively easy to replace, but can be the cause of great distress and expense if they break unexpectedly during a drive.

Pay Attention!
Be aware of your car whenever you are driving: know what it should sound like and go to see your mechanic if the tone of the engine changes dramatically. Some road surfaces can make a car sound quite different so take that into account if you are driving on an unknown road or surface. The feel of the vehicle will most likely begin to change as the motor encounters problems, and your being aware of them right from the beginning can help you to dodge large repair bills.

Good Tyres
Replace your tyres promptly according to the advice given in your owner’s manual. Your tyres are your first line of defence when you need to brake suddenly to avoid a collision, so do not ever take any chances by driving on old or damaged tyres. Get the best tyres for your vehicle at good prices by checking out sites like who can help you to find the best bargains in the shortest time.

Wash It Away
Wash your vehicle regularly and do it yourself occasionally to check your bodywork and find any nicks and scratches that you might not otherwise notice. A quick repair on a small area of damage is much cheaper than replacing an entire part or even the whole car. Sites like can help you to find car care and car detailing products.

As soon as long trip is planned, check the car from top to bottom, making sure there is nothing that will suddenly break on you, especially while driving at speed down the motorway. If the weather is likely to turn cold, make sure that you have added anti-freeze to the radiator to prevent it freezing overnight. Rather than ignoring your vehicle and merely hoping that it will last out the trip, why not spend a small regular amount of time and money on the car to make sure that it will keep you motoring safely for years to come?

What are you’re top tips with keeping on top of car duties?

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  1. So true! I don’t drive but I have to nag Steve to keep on top of things!

  2. I am going to make my fiancé read this! haha great advice hunni xxx

  3. Im not a driver, but my fiancé has just got his first car (used to ride a motorbike) His just had to have his front tyres replaced as one was warped and wobbling the car and steering wheel like mad. Great tips!

  4. Fab Tips!

  5. Ooh I need to apologise to my husband :P, I don’t drive and I don’t get how it can ‘feel different’. He keeps saying ‘it feels different, I think I need some new tyre’s on your side.’ – Well clearly he is paying attention to his car I guess.