Build a Personalised Effective Look in a Few Steps

When building a personalized effective look, it’s not just a case of hair, make-up and wardrobe, it’s really important to remember what lies beneath! We always forget to take care of our inside because we can’t see it. Here’s some steps to help.

First step, start on the inside
You can put together an amazing new image, but how well will it work if you’re burned out? Try this quizlet and be honest with yourself as you run the numbers. Are you getting eight hours sleep every night? Are you getting five portions of fruit and veg every day? Are you doing 10,000 or more steps per day? Are you drinking eight glasses of water per day? If you’ve come up with a couple of ums, ers and maybes instead of answering yes to every question, then now is the time to take action to get yourself looking top notch again. Lack of sleep, exercise, fluid and minerals can all add up to skin that looks pale, tired, dull and even spotty.

Second, size up your reflection
What state is your birthday suit in? If you’d feel happy sauntering along a crowded beach on a minute’s notice, then skip this section and move on. For the other 99 per cent of us, it’s worth giving Mother Nature a helping hand now and again, especially if you’re feeling a little too pale;  you can give your skin a nice and safe boost by applying reliable fake tan products. I know I always feel so much more positive and look a lot more healthier on holiday with a tan.

Like home decoration, fake tan is all about preparation. The end result is only going to be as good as the initial surface. So spend some time making the foundation the very best that it can be and you will be rewarded with a glowing, even tan that will have even your best friends wondering where you found time to sneak away for a crafty break in the sun.

Most important is to get rid of anything that you don’t want there, whether that’s rough skin on elbows and knees, unwanted hair on legs, armpits or bikini line or hard skin and corns on your feet. After any necessary exfoliating and depilating, it’s time to prime your surface. Spend time moisturising your skin with good quality moisturiser or body lotion. Take time to rub it in properly, especially to those areas notorious for being dry (knees, elbows, heels and ankles) and allow it to absorb. Already, your skin should feel fresh, glowing and nicely hydrated.

Apply the self-tan very carefully in good light (strong daylight is often best) and remember to wear gloves so your hands aren’t over exposed to the lotion. If possible, ask someone to help with the areas that are tricky to reach. Partners are often strangely willing to help with jobs of this sort, but if not, you can usually rely on your best friend.
Now that you’ve addressed your inner health and you have instantly radiant skin, it’s time to prepare the final layer.

Third, care for details
Good underwear should not be seen, but it has an important role in making you and whatever you’re wearing look fantastic. Most of us tend to pop to our favourite store and grab the same size and style we’ve worn for years, irrespective of fluctuating fashions, size or shape. Invest time and money in getting properly fitted for underwear and you’ll be repaid in boosted self-confidence, better fitting clothes and unexpected compliments. I find that shapewear helps a lot in my case – Gives you that amazing figure without having to workout especially if you are constantly working and can’t find the time.

Now that you’ve dealt with what lies beneath, you can confidently revamp your hair, make-up and wardrobe on your own. Can’t you?

Lotte xo 
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