Barbados Our Holiday With a Toddler

In November we took a family holiday to the sunny island of Barbados – Filled with Sun, Love and a whole load of memories. I wasn’t sure what to expect as we went away last year with a baby but this year we has a toddler. I knew that it would be a lot different as he could understand more, walk & say some words, but wasn’t sure how much of a difference it would be.

The Airport & Flight
This year was pretty much the same as last year. We booked a taxi cab to come and pick us up in the morning, the car ride there was very smooth. Hayden was wide awake all the way unlike last year he slept the whole car ride. I think maybe because I told him we were going on a plane to see Mama & Papa he was actually excited – He LOVES planes and my mum and dad.
We arrived at the airport check in our luggage and also our Magic Bed had no problems it went in as part of Hayden luggage. We headed straight through to the family friendly security check in section once cleared we had breakfast.

As you know Haydn is allergic to dairy, wheat & gluten so he didn’t have what we had, which was a cheeky McDonald’s he had his favourite organix brand cereal and milk. Boarding the plane was no hassle whatsoever ever we got to board the plane first and was sat in a two seater with extra leg room. He sat on my lap most of the plane journey and was as good as gold watching movies even slept twice during the 8 hour flight.
The dad of another toddler who was sitting nearby was amazed at how Hayden went to sleep without any fuss. His daughter didn’t want to sleep, she just wanted to run around – She was so flipping adorable. She actually reminded me of Nicola’s daughter Paige.

I was actually extremely surprised at the fact that Hayden was so well-behaved on the flight. I thought to myself that he is now a toddler, he will want to run around, talk to people … don’t get me wrong we walked around a little bit at one point he went off with the flight attendant after she thought he was a girl … charming! I couldn’t have been more proud even if you paid me – the fact that everyone on the flight nearby said how well-behaved he was I was extremely chuffed.

Beach Life
Taking Hayden to the beach was an absolute pleasure at first he did not like the water. He hated it when the waves come up to the shore he ran away and would get scared, I’d have to show him it wasn’t something to be scared of… didn’t work. Actually being in the water and splashing away was another story especially with his armbands on he really enjoyed himself. I am someone who absolutely love warm weather, going to the beach, the sunshine and all that stuff so the fact that I know he loves it as well and of course Rovi loves it so it was just perfect. He still does not like sand though. neither does he like dirt, he isn’t a great fan of grass either. So was’t best pleased with the sand on his hands, feet or anywhere. Hopefully will get used to it.

Fluff butt on holiday

I am not a regular fluff but user but whenever it’s sunny I like to bring them out. Last year we used them while we were away as well. When I can put Hayden in fluff I will because I know it’s just so much easier and cheaper to use. We are big fans of the fluzzi Bunz we have also used the Gnappies which I’m also really big fan of but we haven’t got any new ones I’ve only got size smalls and he’s most likely medium now. I just find it so much easier to use them once you’ve finish you just pop them in the washing machine hang them out and with the sun shining dry so quick drive up so quickly also if he’s got no top on or a t-shirt on they look so cute and so colourful, they’re fun and I think you really stylish

Friday night adventures
Hayden’s second time in Barbados and the second time we visited Oistins on a Friday night with him. Last year we took our Maxi Cosi Elea pushchair, this year we took our Petit star did us so proud! Thank you Kerry & Bambino Direct for your help and advice. Getting around with him was perfect we even got on the bus 3 times with the pushchair and didn’t have any trouble … I was so worry about that but I didn’t have to be. Hayden is such a huge lover of music so he really enjoyed himself, I think we all enjoyed ourselves watching him enjoy himself. Seeing him dance, run around and just have a lot of fun not having a care in the world made me extremely happy.

Keep a look out for part two coming soon.

Lotte xo 
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  1. Love the monkey 🙂

  2. My son is also allergic to dairy and gluten (and intolerant to egg) . It does make travelling interesting but as long as we were well prepared it was never a problem. Looks like a fantastic holiday.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  3. beautiful photos looks like you had a fab time 😀 xxxxx

  4. The picture of the blue sea is gorgeous.

  5. Lovely pics hun! Looks like you had a great time x