Eisberg – Non Alcoholic Wine For Pregnancy

Did you go wine less over the Christmas period? Well you didn’t have to. Everyone around you will have an opinion about what you should and shouldn’t be eating and drinking during your pregnancy right. But now there’s nothing stopping you from have a whole bottle of wine… If that’s what you’d like to do.

We are not much of drinkers in our house so when Eisberg asked us to review their non alcoholic wine I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. Upon visiting the Baby Show in October we picked up our bottle of alcohol free rose after tasting 3 other flavors. The rose was by far my favorite – I prefer rose to other wines.
First Impressions:
– Tastes just like normal wine
– I wouldn’t be able to taste the difference 
– Normal packaging, nothing fancy!

Made in the exact same way as your favourite tipple, it is only after the wine is finished that the clever bit happens.
The Eisberg grapes are selected from specific vineyards for their ability to maintain the true taste of the grape variety after the alcohol has been removed.
We do this using one of the world’s most advanced techniques to ensure that as much of the original character and flavours of the wine are kept intact.
The result is an alcohol-free wine containing less than 0.05% alcohol, only 34 calories per 125ml glass and the real flavour of the wine varieties that you know and love.
Whether you’ve had a hard week at work or are trying to keep the early stages of your pregnancy quiet, not drinking in a social situation can be the obvious giveaway – so Eisberg’s range of crisp Chardonnay, fruity Rosé, ruby rich Cabernet Sauvignon and aromatic Riesling varieties ensure you can enjoy the sensation of pouring a real glass of wine, while still avoiding the alcohol content.

Price: RRP £3.50
Overall: Like I said previously we are not drinkers in our house, we would have a drink if we go out with friends or for special occasions. My dad is actually T-Total and hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol in his life. We were surprised at how much the win tasted just like wine. I thought it would taste vinegary like some wines do. I’m pretty sure if I was to serve this at a dinner party no one would have a clue that this wasn’t non alcoholic wine. At least I know when I’m pregnant next I will be able to have a few glasses of wine socially if I want to.
Rovi: “I really liked it. On its own tasted just like Rose, sweet and refreshing. I even mixed it with apple juice and made a fantastic flavor.

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