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We grow up with the notion that our parents are perfect and later on we find out that in fact they haven’t been following an exercise routine from an early age because simply it wasn’t done! In this day and age it is almost ‘de rigueur’ to have the girls in dance classes and the boys in some sports activities.

However since the success of the film and stage production of Billy Elliot, boys are just as keen to take on this great tradition. Carlos Acosta from Brazil, also had a lot to deal with in his community when he was starting out but look where it took him. He is the image and personae of a humble and talented individual who never forgets his roots.

Needless to say that it is very competitive even at the delicate age of pre-nursery for the children of today. The parents and/or guardians have a great deal to accommodate as there are always waiting lists now for these dance clubs. Invariably there are no shops local to the homes and schools to facilitate buying the dance outfits but with the advent of the internet, there are fabulous sites to choose from: one in particular is move dancewear which is ideal for a large variety of ballet and dance wear. It is also suitable for dance all year round and suits all the sensitive young skins. There are some excellent cotton leggings and tutus that are not all nylon or acrylic based. Also they are easily thrown in the wash without losing any of the colours.

Starting from an early age, children love to know that they are achieving a goal and accomplishing an activity especially if they have an audience since they are natural performers. All forms of dance all suitable for this age group and can be taken to higher levels at later stages. Why not also try Irish dancing or even a touch of the Indonesian steps?

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The more children are versatile with their limbs, the easier it is for them to adapt to their levels of concentration in their studies. It is especially important in the development of boys. They have a tendency to have excessive drives that contribute to large needs for action and movement.

Giving boys this extra room for manoeuvring their young limbs allows for a natural flexibility to be weaved into their daily routine. Later on, when they are adults, their physical dexterity will blossom and should they ever decide to continue with partner dancing, the foundation is already in place! Once again having a comfortable attire allowing for flexibility, movement and growth is crucial: the material and fabric lends to growth and using move dancewear will respect and care for the needs of an aspiring or enthusiastic dancer.

Children who start young and are able to socialise with ease with both sexes are the ones that are most able to communicate with others at all stages of their development. This can be noticed through their studies as well as their cognitive responses throughout their academic stages. Parents will also be inclined to follow their patterns too as they will need to be an inspiration to their children in order for their healthy habits to take effect: these are the years that iron out the difficult eater or the fussy one. Exercise will nurture an appetite that is healthy and appropriate which of course should be followed throughout one’s life.

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