Winter Home Wamer – Tips On Staying Warm At Home

Apparently we are still in Autumn and Winter starts 21st December 2013 at 12:11PM can you believe that? I can’t, it feel so cold now, already. I’m actually dreading ‘Winter’ I have a hard enough time with the cold in general so this year sounds like Jack Frost is going to have a blast.

I have mentioned previously that any room can be given a makeover with some new bed linen, textiles and lighting, and by focusing on a warm colour palette. Not to mention having a selection of soft furnishings.
But do we really have time to rethink out colour schemes depending on what season it is? Ah nah, well I don’t anyways.

Lets have some seriously practical ways of staying warm.

1. Wearing layers of clothing to keep warm is right at the top I think. Start off with the thermal underwear. Pure cotton thermal underwear would probably work if the temperature is above 5 degrees celsius. Colder than that and you need something much warmer.
Next up you might want to think about a wool sweater and thick denim jeans or wool pants. Don’t forget your gloves , scarve,woolen hat, ear muffs and boots. The sit and start to get really hot and want to take everything off immediately.

2. I never thought about this until it was mentioned to be but electric blankets are ideal for the winter weather snuggle up on the sofa, or in bed and pop the blanket over you. Not to mention the complete box set of Twilight movies and hot chocolate with marshmallows … Oh wait … the little ones up from his nap HAHA

3. Insulate and double-glaze. This is a great idea and a lot of councils have teamed up with the goverment to provide this free of charge. I know it doesn’t sound very cost efficient but is more of an investments that will save you on energy costs in the long run especially if you own your own home. Double-glazed or double-paned windows can save up to 80% of energy. And insulation works both ways to keeps a house warmer for longer in the winter and cool in the summer.

4. How about staying in one room. Front room or bedroom  with a fan heater and close the door. Fan heaters are a great way to heat your home this winter. It would be better then having the main heating on waming up rooms that you’re not even using. Especially during the day.

5. Don’t even bother make a sandwich or salad to munch on. What you’ll need is something hot and filling to keep you warm for much longer. Why not try chicken soup, tomato soup or even a pasta bake YUM!

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  1. Yes its bleeding freezing, winter has moved forward this year ! Nice warming little post 🙂

  2. Combination ladders

    Ah! looks like one can definitely have a feast if they follow these useful ideas for this chilling winters…

  3. I have been using my heating pad for both the pain relief AND to keep me warm!