Stay Active Family Month Splish Splash Fun in Wellies

We were asked to take part in the Mark Warners Active Family Month Challenge, I wasn’t too sure at first as these last couple of months have been really hectic for us with the New Online E-Boutique opening and sorting out stuff for our holiday but we managed to have some fun. Not as much as I wanted to but we did.
Recent figures show that ’obesity is one of the most serious health epidemics facing our society today, with one in three children currently overweight or obese in the UK’ (MEND), but addressing this problem is not easy.  We realise it can be a daunting subject to raise, particularly for fear it may do more harm than good. Last year’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) ‘Reflections on body image’ report suggests that ’instead of focusing on weight, regular exercise is more likely to yield improvements in physiological function and metabolic flexibility and therefore health.’
Thank you Mark Warner for encouraging us to get out and about and having fun.
As you can see our theme was pretty simple. Unfortunately we don’t have many open spaces near by for Hayden to enjoy the complete freedom of running around but we made the most of every outing we went on – even in the rain.
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I still class myself as being a new mum, yes I am to a toddler – I’ve got the baby stages out the way and now I’m an expert (Yeah Right) wait for number two – Tons of blog posts asking what to do HAHA. I know Hayden LOVES playing outside but I don’t want him to get wet or catch a cold bla bla bla and I have always been one to hibernate in the winter – I hate the cold. Not my Boy, every opportunity he gets he wants to be outside. It could be in the garden or out on the street (promise I’m not raising a street rat here)

My Little caterpillars new-found love – Running & splashing in puddles. We got his wellies in passing out shopping months ago and now he can make full use of them. He has always wanted to splash in the puddles and now he can, He absolutely loves it. So now when it rains and we have puddles this is what we will do. Have to find him an all in one water proof overall now 
Seeing my little boy happy is all that matters to me so if I’m keeping him healthy and active in process its a no brainer. 
What kind of activities do you like doing with you little ones when out and about. 
Leave a link so I can have a read if you have a post too.
Until Next Time… Charlotte x
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We took part in the Mark Warner challenge – Find my Disclaimer

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