Our Morning at Google HQ For #GoogleMums Event

#GoogleMums Event

I was kindly invited to spend the Morning at Google HQ in central London for a #GoogleMums event. I actually thought it was a joke, me … Google, morning, event huh?! Really – Well it was very real and I was also informed that Hayden could come too. The morning was a few informal workshops, run by Google staff and other special guests, built around showing how technology can take some of the stress out of your day, giving you some precious time back.

#GoogleMums Event

Some Sessions included:
• Creating a work/life balance
Using Google Calendars

• Entertaining the family
Using Google Play and YouTube 

• Running your own successful business
Using Adsense – I stayed here most of the morning.

#GoogleMums Event

I loved Google Hangout. It’s a lot like Skype – You can connect with up to 10 people in your circle for either a voice call or even video – Pretty awesome!
If you’re a family that can’t be together at special occasions for whatever reasons this would be perfect for you to all stay connected at the same time.

They spoke about YouTube which is a LOVE of mine… Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make videos and vlog because my internet is WAY too slow it takes about 3 days to upload a video 20mins long. BT I HATE YOU! Why on earth haven’t Google come up with their own internet?

I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted listening to the talks but Hayden had tones of fun playing with New Mum Online, A Baby on Board & Rock & Roller

#GoogleMums Event
#GoogleMums Event#GoogleMums Event
#GoogleMums Event

We had a great day at the event, such a same I couldn’t take more in – Hayden is a very active toddler.
Hayden’s super cool hoody is from Olive and Moss – I had a lot of people ask, Review coming soon.
Thank you for having us Google

Lotte xo 
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  1. Sounds like you had a great day!

  2. Im also a big fan of google hang out 🙂 i find it easier to use rather than skype.

    Louise Paul

  3. looks fantastic, inspirational mums!

  4. For what initially sounded like it could be a tedious day the sessions actually look really helpful and interesting. Bet the kids had fun too.

  5. Not sure I’d want to get them interested in the internet too early.

  6. With good parental controls the internet can be an amazing home work tool

  7. Looks like a great day and lots to learn

  8. That looks like an amazing experience