MyChildWorld – First Social Shopping Platform Especially For Mums is for the busy mum that are short on time, shopping (online and – even worse – offline) is a time sucker sitting there on their ‘to do’ list. It’s not that the Internet is lacking in children’s stores, but finding that one perfect site that has a huge window onto thousands of brands and e-shops worldwide is very
hard to come by.
The day all mothers have been waiting for has arrived MyChildWorld is online and ready for you to build up a virtual place where mums can create their mix and match of products for their children from thousand shops worldwide, discover new stuff from other known and unknown mums, share their creations and discoveries inside the platform and on social networks.

The Story of My Child World! – Made for mums and dads by mums and dads – PERFECT!
The idea of MyChildWorld was born in September 2012 as the creation of a young Italian entrepreneur, Pamela Bini, who had become a mom in 2007.
Coming from an industrial business, with an MBA and a history and literature background, Pamela was perusing the web and writing a blog when she realised something was missing. Mums needed a platform where they could meet and find like minded mums: terribly busy, in love with their children and shopping addicted!
Why not build up a virtual place where such mums could create their mix and match of products for their children from thousand shops worldwide, discover new stuff from other known and unknown mums, share their creations and discoveries inside the platform and on social networks?
In order to help her with this crazy idea Pamela spoke about it with her husband (they are still together!) Marco Velluti, entrepreneur and businessman, who supported her from the beginning and with her best friend, a marketing businesswoman and mom too, Roberta Desogus, who, instead of telling her that she was crazy (as expected), told her that she believed it could be a great idea and helped her with the marketing research. Roberta is co-founder and now COO of MCW.
The adventure began.

One month later they joined the incubator of Mario Mariani, The Net Value.
In March, they founded Mychildworld with another co-partner, Valeria Ferrante, a creative mind and mom of two, who is now the Creative Director.
With no knowledge and experience in IT they soon started a collaboration with a web agency until they found the most amazing CTOs ever, Mauro Locci and Domenico Saiu, who, after falling in love with the idea, built the tech team that perfectly suited their dreams: agile, fast responsive and straight forward. The virus reached UK where, Sofia Gouveia – another mom based in London – Joined the team as CMO.
And they lived happily ever after till the launch and never-ending success.

MyChildWorld was created for mums by a busy mom herself, Pamela Bini – CEO and Founder of MyChildWorld: “I wanted to create an online world with: 

1. A one-stop shopping platform where mums could find anything they need and like for their child from e-shops around the world from clothing, toys, skincare to gear, as well as for the time when mothers are expecting.

2. A community where mums could find advice and reviews from like-minded mums with the same shopping interests and style

3. A place to express mums’ own creativity and dreams for their children. In fact, MyChildWorld is an easy shopping tool that enables moms to liberate their creativity by gathering their liked items and saving them in their own customized rooms where they can then purchase the items, save them for later and even share the rooms and the products with other users within MyChildWorld or within other social network sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, G+ and Twitter.

This amazing platform hosts blogger mums as well: by linking their blogs to MyChildWorld blogger mums gain more readers and followers. More readers and followers are the goals of any Internet site and MyChildWorld wants to help facilitate that, further spreading the word on all things mom and MyChildWorld is devoted to creating an easy shopping experience while at the same time making it fun and social by connecting mothers from all around the world. Because, as our motto says, my Child means the world!

The social shopping platform where mums can discover, share and buy everything they need and they like for their child worldwide as well as share their discoveries with friends and stay connected with other like-minded parents.

Here are some snippets from the website!




I’ve had the pleasure of becoming a MCW Blogger – I am so happy with the concept and I love it. Pamela Bini is a true inspiration and I support her 100%. Its such a handy website especially for creating wishlists and its great for bloggers to use to create gift idea boards too. Why not try it to create your Gift Guide. Make an account, and start clipping your products. 
Follow me and I’ll return the love. I will follow up with a post shortly with my new rooms. I have some fab ideas in mind! Watch this space!
Where to find MyChildWorld
MyChildWorld Website

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