How To Plan The Most Fun Family Road Trip Ever

Road trips can often be disappointing, especially when travelling with the kids. You can never be too sure when they start to complain about being bored, if they want to stop somewhere to have a little run around or if they would like something to eat. Fortunately, with a little bit of careful pre-planning, it’s possible to have a really fun family road trip.

There are quite a few things you need to sort out before you’re ready to set off. You need to take into account what you all enjoy doing and what your pet peeves are on the road. Also, it’s important to arrange when and where you want to eat, as well as where to stay overnight, as there’s only so many times you can be prepared to sleep in your car!

Pick a route
The route can make or break the trip. It should be interesting without being too complicated. Use a website like Google Maps to help plan one before you begin. The route should, if possible, take in different states or countries – Europe is perfect for this. Also, your route should have plenty of stop-off points where the kids can have fun like a beach or national park.

Have some on-board entertainment handy
During long drives, kids can succumb to boredom very easily. To keep them occupied, have some games, a portable DVD or some books for them to read. Failing that, this booklet of games and puzzles might be useful if you’re stuck for something to help them pass the time between stops on your family road trip.

Do some regular sightseeing
No road trip should be complete without taking in a few sights. Try to mix it up when choosing places to visit – a bunch of old buildings might not be enough to get the kids interested. A museum with interactive exhibits or somewhere like a beach or national park might be a good place to go and create some memories.

Meet some friends or family along the way
If you’re going on a route where some people you know are close to, it might be worth paying a visit. This will give you somewhere to stop for a few hours, reignite old friendships and give the car a well-needed rest. Also, if visiting families, then you might have somewhere to stay the night if you ask nicely!

Eat regularly
On a long trip, it’s important to stop for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If possible, it might be worth making some sandwiches and snacks for the road, just to try and save a little money. Trying to eat local food helps to make your road trip a little more special – it’s part of the fun of exploring somewhere new!

What makes a road trip a great road trip for you?

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  1. Road trips for me have to avoid boring straight motorways I will always drive the longer twister way to London up the A30/A303 instead of M5 then M4 although it is fun to watch the planes queuing for Heathrow adjacent to the M4 near Basingstoke.

  2. Thanks for these wonderful views, Yeah I agreed its difficult travelling with kids but this is also true that travelling with kids also fun and enjoy. I really enjoyed travelling with kids yeah mom always give me my brother’s responsibility but I love that and I managed with him.