Help Wildlife Out This Winter With Children

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Charlotte has been kind enough for me to do a guest post for her today. Let me introduce myself and my blog. My name is James, my wife and I have three wonderful children Charlie 3yrs, Harry 2yrs and Olivia 1yrs. Daddy Space is my parenting and lifestyle blog, I share our adventures, post helpful parenting/blog tip’s, offer tutorials and everything in between. With the mix of all three children we certainly get up to alot of mischief join us for the Journey. Do swing by and say hello I love getting to know different bloggers.

Today I would like to share with you ways to help wildlife out this winter with children. I have chosen this subject as its educational and wildlife in the winter could really do with a little helping hand. So with this in mind wrap up warm and get ready to be inspired to get out and about this winter.

Feeding wild birds in your back garden, this really lends a hand in the cold bleak months where natural food is in short supply. Now I suggest you set your chosen feeders up in advance of telling children about them. This is a good idea because wild birds can take time to find a feeder which we all know children will simply expect results immediately. When setting the feeder(s) up put them in view of an accessible window but somewhere not overly exposed perhaps near some foliage. When your feeders are attracting wild birds you can make tick charts to identify the birds with your children. They will learn so much and if your lucky you’ll see more than the pigeons I end up with on my feeder.

Feeding ducks, this timeless classic will have them entertained for a good half an hour providing you can attract enough ducks. We often feed the ducks in a place called Saltram, the boys love doing it so much they always get excited about it. The advice from RSPB is that just using white bread could be doing more harm than good to the ducks and their environment. They suggest using duck feed but also suggested feeding them green vegetables this article explains.

Visit a wooded area or nature reserve, with trees devoid of leaves at this time of year its the ideal time to spot wildlife. We often like to try and spot the cheeky squirrels jumping from tree to tree. Although you wouldn’t be directly helping the wildlife you’d be making your little one aware and one day he or she might become a conservationist or greater.

You can help wildlife out this winter with children in so many ways its an exciting learning curve for you and them.

Do you help wildlife out already in other ways ?
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  1. Lovely! We always leave food out for the birds, though living by the beach means we get lots of big greedy seagulls chasing away our little garden birdies!