DreamBaby Retractable Safety Gate Review

Dreambaby launches in the UK with it’s award-winning retractable safety gate and we were given the opportunity to review it. After Hayden decided to hang off and rip of the wall one of our older gates we were looking for something new to use.

First Impressions:
– Too much DIY and time consuming
– Perfect for wide spaces
– Great one handed open system
– Extremely lightweight
Dreambaby® an internationally recognised child safety brand has recently launched in the UK and this last month introduced its lightweight yet durable Retractable Safety Gate
Keeping your baby or toddler safe in the home is the number one concern for parents and an important part of this is restricting the child’s access to certain areas, whether this may be the access to the stairs, kitchen or the outdoors.  

The Retractable Safety Gate from Dreambaby® is designed to fit across openings of up to 140cm.  It is made with a white mesh barrier that rolls back onto itself on the side when not in use, saving valuable space. 

Because it retracts back so neatly to ‘almost nothing’, it makes it easier for parents and other family members move around the home, cutting down on trip hazards. 

Each Dreambaby® Retractable Safety Gate comes with two sets of mounting brackets so it can be easily moved to where it is required, which could even be in the garden or at the grandparent’s house.  As this is not a bulky fixed gate, the aesthetics of a home can be quickly restored the minute the little ones leave.

The Dreambaby® Retractable Safety Gate is made with galvanized hardware which allows the gates to be used either indoors or outdoors in many weather conditions and it is ideal for use on decks, patios and porches. 

My overall thoughts:
I absolutely love the concept idea of this gate but I found it very time consuming to put up. I am so used to point pressure gates now that I feel going and getting a gate like this would be going backwards. Like I said at the beginning of this post we were looking for something like this so that it wasn’t easy for Hayden to climb on when it was lift open and would have been ideal for our holiday home in Barbados. There is a huge opening at the top of the stairs leading down towards the study and garage so it would have come in hardy. Unfortunately we didn’t want to put holes in the walls and point pressure fit frames would have been perfect in this scenario, lightweight enough to travel with and would be prefect to move from room to room and place to place.
If you have no problem with sorting out the DIY then you really wouldn’t be able to fault this gate at all – I’m just the sort of people who wants it and wants it now.

The gate has already won awards in Australia and the US and is nearly half the price of other similar gates, making it an affordable choice coming in at around £69.99

Where to find DreamBaby Retractable Safety Gate
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  1. Like what you guys have going on here, what a great site. Im always on here seeing the latest news and updates. I have also two sites one is about wow.

  2. brilliant no trapped fingers

  3. wow what a brilliant idea. Never seen a retractable one before and lightweight to. Would love to try one out

  4. Brilliant, lightweight and no trapped fingers or other problems.

  5. It looks much better than the old fashioned ones I’ve seen.

  6. i think i agree with you seems very time consuming and especially when one rents the property its too much hassle

  7. Fabulous, no trapped fingers!

  8. I really like this, much better than the standard one we have

  9. This is really good, much better than the normal gates

  10. we have a rented property so don’t think I would be able to use this!

  11. It looks good & adaptable for wide spaces but it wouldn’t last in our household as there are some much older siblings & they do things like stand on top of my standard gate & climb over it! I think it would be great if all the children in the house were fairly small though!

  12. Brilliant, my little girl banged her face on the bars of ours, that wouldn’t have happened with this one

  13. this looks brilliant. i recently bought a lindam pressure fit but its too wide for my stairs!