Daddy is More Fun Than Mummy!

My name is Mark and I blog at Paige’s Toy Box. Paige’s Toy Box is a parenting blog written from the perspective of a father. My blog will mainly focus on the high points of my relationship I share with my beautiful daughter, Paige. Posts mainly consist of games we play, family days out, and just about the beauty that is a father-daughter relationship. I hope that enjoy my post.

I think the title says it all, but despite that I will still explain!
My partner, Nicola, and I bring different qualities to the world of parenting. Nicola is an amazing mum, and is always there to give Paige whatever she needs. Nicola understands all of Paige’s little noises and gestures. This is clearly a benefit of being a stay at home mum. I tend to have a more specific role in the house, and Paige is more than aware of what it is. I am, regardless of being a fairly competent dad, ultimately, a playmate. But may I add, I am the best playmate EVER!

Whenever I come home from work Paige’s face lights up. I get the feeling she knows it’s time to unleash her energy! Nicola is quite dainty and doesn’t have the strength to cope with the demanding little daredevil that is Paige. Paige has lots of fun during the days drawing and building towers, and other such leisurely activities. However, the second I get home I am pounced upon!

Paige’s current favourites include running full speed at my crotch, trying to fit through my legs, circle me, then go again. This can last a while! Paige also really enjoys being picked up. Sounds boring and a bit tame doesn’t it. But with Paige, this is never the case. She may give me a kiss, or just a cheeky smile, either way I know exactly what is coming next. She will slowly start to lean back until she gets so far that I feel the need to support her head. As soon as my finger touches the back of her skull she just lets go. She becomes dead weight. She finds this absolutely hilarious for no known reason. This is repeated, and repeated, and repeated some more. Even when I put her down, she follows me until I pick her up and do it again. Paige now does this everywhere! In the bath, in our bed, in her cot, on the sofa, even from a standing position occasionally. It freaks Nicola out when Paige just drops backwards and I have to catch her!

I’m glad that Paige has learnt that mummy just can’t do some things that daddy does, and I’m sure she knows that there is a lot that mummy does that daddy can’t do. Even I’m aware of that! So although we both have different ways of playing with Paige, and different ways of getting our quota of smiles from her, I will stand by the title and claim to the world that DADDY IS MORE FUN THAN MUMMY,
well, stronger anyway!


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