We Were On the TV – Channel 4’s Gadget Man

Channel 4 Gadget Man
A few months back during summer I tweeted that we were off to do some filming well we were on TV woohoo! Hayden had his first TV debut and he looked so cute! I received an email from a media company looking for parents to take part in Season Two of Gadget man. The last season was hosted by Steven Fry but this one was hosted by Richard Ayoade famously known for starting in The IT Crowd and the VERY funny ‘The Watch’ film which also starred three of my favorite funny actors Vice Vaughn, Jonah Hill & Ben Stiller.
Channel 4 Gadget Man

Getting there wasn’t hard at all well filming was in a Park in Hackney called Clissold Park, other then the major road works they decided to start on the main road to get to the park from my house… PANIC PANIC PANIC. Once I got there I saw a familiar face I had met before from The Baby Show Tommee Tippee Revel a really awesome blogger Kip and another lady. There was three of us reviewing three different pushchairs.


Channel 4 Gadget Man


Kip Had the Seed Pli Mg, The other lady had the 4moms ORIGAMI and I had the Joie Lite Trax Stroller – Jet. I really liked mine. I could close it with one hand while still holding Hayden!

It was such a great day – Hot but fun, we were filming for 5 hours in the summer sunshine stopping for 30min breaks for the little’s and also having lunch. Our part was chopped right down – I was scared because we had speaking parts and I hate hearing myself talk (Yes I make YouTube videos… BUT… I do cringe most of the time while editing) so I was so scared about what they would air … As you can see from watching the video – Not very much!

Here are some stills from the video of the day.

Hayden-2 Group-3KIP Legs-1Oragami-Pushchair

Blow is Hayden playing peek-a-boo with one of the production teams hats – The production team were amazing! We were well looked after and nothing was too much trouble for them. They even sheltered us from the sun with umbrella’s between takes.
I am so proud of Hayden he was such a good boy on the way home he was konked – Its such a draining life as a child star haha.
The top he is sporting is the Polarn O.Pyret UK BABY POLO SHIRT



You can watch the Video on Youtube via the link below! Next time we are on TV I will let you guys know in advance.
Channel 4’s Gadget Man – Child’s Play


Until Next time… Charlotte x
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  1. oh wow weldone , and the stroller does look great x

    • Ahh thanks!
      Someone messaged me on IG over Christmas and said I was on her flight to Japan – I was like huh… It was on her in-flight entertainment I was gobsmacked. So cool.
      Thanks for reading sugar x

  2. How exciting!!! This can be Hayden’s claim to fame when he’s older haha.. It’s good that he enjoyed the day and wasn’t nervous on TV as I imagine a lot of kids would be!

    Laura @ What’s Hot?

  3. Ah I remember this, I remember saying to Steve I KNOW HER! Haha. You were fab x

  4. What an amazing day out and a great claim to fame! I love the look of all of the pushchairs.

  5. How exciting! It’s amazing how long filming takes for such a short clips! 2 of our girls were recently filmed for a ski campaign … it’ll be a 2 min commercial but took 6 hours to film!

  6. What an amazing day and experience, pushchairs have changed a lot from when my daughter was little x

  7. Oh I’m so jealous, I love Richard Ayoade and this show!

    Catstello | http://www.cattitudeandco.uk

  8. It’s great how much bloggers are having an impact lately 🙂 pushchair looks fab too! X

  9. What a great opportunity, it looks like you had a great time road testing those strollers x

  10. My very small experience in television surprised me. They filmed for hours and showed only minutes. It’s exciting to be involved though! x

  11. This is so cool! I can imagine it was an interesting day and great to see behind the scenes. x

  12. Wow… 5 hours in the hot summer! You did well not to melt. I cant believe how much that pushchair cost though!

  13. This must have been a fantastic experience!

  14. It looks like you had an awesome time. Hope you enjoyed your moments of fame 🙂

  15. How amazing this will be to watch back years later ad share the fantastic experience with the little mister bless x

  16. What a great day out, must have been so much fun. Stroller looks great!

  17. Must’ve been a great experience. I remember beign on TV when I ws around ten. It was fun too.

  18. Oh how exciting! I would have been so super nervous. Great photos and a great opportunity. Kaz x

  19. Well done to you and Hayden. I love Richard Ayoade in the IT Crowd and must admit I’d have been a little star struck. Heres to many more TV opportunities to come 🙂

  20. Wow what an exciting opportunity! Something to remember for definite!

  21. Fantastic! I love Gadget Man and I’m a big IT Crowd fan – it looks like you had a great time testing the strollers 🙂