The Right Time For A Toddler Bed

When is it the right time to choose a toddler bed? When is Hayden a toddler? I think I’ve been calling him a toddler since he could walk at 10 months HAHA. He has grown so much and so fast. My dilemma now is a room of his own and a big boy bed maybe?

I’ve seen so many mums talk talking about potty training and toddler beds and I simply can’t get my head around it. We have officially decided to get our own place around this time next year so I will keep you guys updated on that but in the mean time Hayden can’t sleep in a cot until then.

I keep asking myself… When is the right time for a toddler bed. The selection is not hard to come by that’s for sure there are so many different ones to choose form. You have the low to the ground bed, bunk beds (asking for trouble), Divan, even themed beds perfect for the child with the imagination – Just like Hayden really.

I found myself browsing on so many different websites like Argos, Mothercare even Homebase but I also found a site called Clever Clicker . Clever Clicker offer a wide range of children’s beds and they aren’t the normal ones you would find in your high-street store either.

Why buy a Toddler Bed?
A toddler bed are lower to the ground which is much safer and easier for a child to climb in and out of. Meaning you are bridging that gap between a cot and mummy’ s and daddy’s a big bed.

When to buy A Toddler Bed?
I have read that three is the most likey age for a child to move into a toddler bed, or at least by the time they are three. So the average age is two and if they are tall or very active then its time. Hayden is both.

Tips on moving to a Toddler Bed
When ever you do anything major make it exciting as possible including moving beds. Hayden managed to put on one of his wellies yesterday and the whole Hayden was up dancing and clapping HAHA.

– The better looking the bed the more your child would want to spend time in it. Themed beds are perfect for a time like this.

– Stick you your same routine as much as possible, keeping the same bedding or close enough to it, the position the crib was in and even teddies.

– Make the transition as easy and as stress free as possible so don’t do it at a time where you are also pottry training or they are poorly.

Hopefully this will help you if you are in the transition too.

How did you choose your toddler bed? How did you deal with the transition or how will you make the switch.
Would love to know.

Lotte xo 
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  1. I’ve been thinking recently about when to change Thomas’s cot in to a bed but I think I will leave it a bit longer until he’s a little older

  2. I want one!! 🙂