Hayden Berice Toddler Update – 18 Months (Soya Milk and Egg Free Cake)

This clever little boy is growin up so fast. So excited for Christmas and 2014 as he will be 2 years old
As a lot of you know I am currently a WAHM and Sometimes work consumes me and I don’t get to do much personal blogging so I have actually missed an update which was meant to be posted in October after his Dr appoint to see the dietitian. I put my hands up and can say I completely forgot – This post was sitting in drafts waiting to be finished, better late then never right?

As I mentioned previously during Hayden’s allergy test post back in July he was getting referred back to the dietitian well we took Hayden to his appointment at Newham General Hospital which actually got moved forward a month (surprise). He was previously under the dietician but was discharged as they felt they couldn’t do anything more for him – My last experience with them wasn’t the greatest. It was along the lines of ‘Oh its trial & error, you’ll figure it out’ They didn’t even want to give Hayden a test to see what he could be allergic too!

I was very sceptical going into this appointment but Rovi joined me. I saw the same dietitian that she was under previously We did a run through of his history and what actions we could take in order for us to progress with is dietary habits.

My caterpillars stats at 18 months
Weight: 10.9kg
Height: 83.5cm

In the notes she wrote “Hayden has a diagnosis of cows milk protein allergy with sensation to almond and cashew on skin prick test.
He is taking about 28 ounces of Nutrimagen 2 daily since he can take Soya products without any reaction I have suggested for him to take some Alpro Soya and perhaps Soya milk drinks suitable for one year old.

His mother has tried him on soya milk previously but due to taste tolerance he did not establish this well. In terms of the problem with eggs I have suggested for his mother to make a cake using only one egg wheat free, gluten free, Water pure margarine one egg and sugar and only give a fingertip size to start with before progressing slowly”.

I can honestly say that I’m happy with the outcome of this appointment. Im looking forward to getting him on some proper milk. I know I can’t go to the shop and buy Nutrimagen 1/2 over the counter it has too be ordered in which is so unfair but at least with the Alpro Junior 1+ I can get it from the supermarket as and when needed.

I have looked into the Junior 1+ milk and it looks and sounds really good! Just hope he will drink it.

Alpro Junior 1+ (Soya Milk, lactose and dairy free)
There’s no reason why your little ones shouldn’t enjoy all the benefits of plant power, but because they are putting all that energy into growing, crawling, toddling, exploring and generally wearing you out, their nutritional needs are a little different to ours.

Alpro soya Junior 1+ is the first dairy and lactose free alternative to milk that has been nutritionally tailored to be a main milk source for your little ones from the age of one year and up; it can also be used as part of a weaning programme from 6 months onwards. With a few more calories, added minerals and vitamins than the rest of our range, Alpro soya junior 1+ is perfectly balanced for growing needs (unlike your tottering toddler!) If you think your child may be lactose intolerant or has an allergy to dairy please visit our lactose and dairy free pages.
You can find more information on Alpro products here.

In terms of the egg I am very scared. I remember when he had his allergy test the
irritation didn’t come up as big as the Almond or Milk but it was still there, red and itchy. But she said a finger tip as a time so that’s not very much – I just don’t want to see my baby ill or back in hospital 🙁
She told me that ingesting eggs at a young age can actually help him outgrow the allergy. I actually looked this up on line when I got home and it was true…

‘In this study, 89% of the 79 subjects now tolerate baked egg and 53% now tolerate regular egg. Those who reacted to baked egg had higher serum egg white (EW)-specific IgE levels and larger EW-induced skin prick test wheal diameters. Investigators sought to evaluate immunologic changes while ingesting baked egg and found that EW-induced skin prick test wheal diameters and serum EW-, ovomucoid-, and ovalbumin-specific IgE levels decreased significantly, while serum ovomucoid- and ovalbumin-specific IgG4 levels increased significantly. Subjects ingesting baked egg were 14.6 times more likely than subjects in the comparison group to develop regular egg tolerance, and they developed tolerance earlier at a median of 50.0 vs. 78.7 months.’ To read more go here

I will keep you updated on how that goes – Wish us luck!

Lotte xo 
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