Halloween Party Food Ideas For Kids

I am the worst person to plan a party and I am always in need of help.
So what better then offering some help to my fellow readers who like me get in a pickle when trying to figure out what foods to have at a party.

Here is a list of my five favorite Halloween style foods. Very fun and extremely creative.
I’ve always been a fan of Halloween its my favorite holiday followed closely by Christmas of course. I just wish us Brits got as excited about it as they do in america.
They usually go all out. Awesome Halloween costumes, decorations inside and outside their house. Kitchen/Dining room filled with tons of food, drinks and goodies – Well they do have the extra big room with quite awesome kitchen equipment, most of their gas stoves look amazing to use too. The big fridges and big gas stoves, gaaa gas stoves look amazing I think. Do I sound slightly jealous here?? HAHA

Anywho let me stop rambling and give you guys some lovely treats.

1. Boo-Nilla Shake
HAHA What an awesome name – I had to put this as my number one.
Fancy a little fright with that shake? Why not try panting the inside of a glass with melted chocolate and adding white vanilla milk shake topped off with piped whipped cream. 

2. Ghostly Pancakes
Why not give your little ghouls a scream with delight with these spooky but fun pancake ghosts! 
I really like these. I would love to make these for Hayden – I wonder if you can make Pancakes without egg.
Find the recipe here
3. Owl S’mores
Maybe you don’t want to go too scary – Why not have these owl s’mores at the party?
They are still cute but scary looking with the big eyes… Right?!
4 .Scary Sippers
How about making an army of mummies by wrapping juice boxes in white electrical tape. You can get this at your local B&Q or hardware store so super easy. The eye from your local hobby craft.
5. Attack of the Zombie Marshmallows
A Halloween party isn’t complete without some kind of Zombie something – FACT!
Try your hand at these… Obviously use food colouring pens not a ball point ink pen HAHA

Are you having a Halloween party?
What crazy food and drinks will you be serving up?

Lotte xo 
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  1. Haha amazing. The juice boxes are fantastic! x

  2. i am just making some worm jelly wanted to do it with 2 different coloured layers but as usual i am doing it last minute! party is today!!